Chloe Elgar is a Holistic Nutritionist, Author, Speaker and the founder of Chloe‘s Countertop, a platform to support women around the world who are suffering from disordered eating, inauthentic living and body image issues. Chloe’s universal mission to change our relationship to pain and to create space for vulnerability and truth.

Chloe has worked extensively in Dubai and Vancouver- hosting retreats and working one-on-one with clients through her Living True MentorshipChloe is the author of the book, Living in Light and creator of the inspiring podcast show, Conscious Conversations. Motivated through her own body image story and journey through eating disorders, anxiety and depression- Chloe is driven to change the way we approach pain and darkness and how we face fear in our lives.

She is a regular columnist for Elephant Journal and is a professional source for Well&GoodNYC and Cosmopolitan. Chloe‘s mission is to empower others to discover/rediscover their inner light by embracing their shadows and living a life of purpose. One of the most popular features of Chloe‘s blog is her Restaurant Stories, which take her around the world interviewing and connecting with other inspired plant based businesses.

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My Personal Story

Chloe Elgar About Page


I continue to learn my deepest truth; that the second I step out of my own way and allow “me and myself” to dissipate, I am able to see who I am, connected to a vast intelligence that heals through me.


The enlightenment is in the vigilant awareness; in knowing your truths and connecting with the divine in those times of pain. And when you don’t, allowing yourself the compassion to not judge or criticize; to recognize the impermanence of an emotion. The balance in life is in the being.

My Story

Summer 2015 in Greece

It wasn’t until summer of 2015, when I began to descend the steep and narrow hill away from Lampi beach, feeling the blazing Greek summer sun on my shoulders, that I realised; writing is what saved me. Chloe’s Countertop has been the gift of my life. I stood there, practically hyperventilating from the treacherous hill climb of my morning run in Patmos, and for the first time, I recognised this notable insight.

That summer, I decided to face my fears and take a solo trip to the charming island of Patmos and join a group of 51 fellow passionate writers. Together for 2 blissful, life-changing weeks we created a community, shared our stories and wrote our hearts out under the teachings of Cheryl Strayed. It was there, in Greece, that I was reminded to be fearless. To write the truth, go to the space of vulnerability and follow that feeling.


University Years in Vancouver

I started Chloe’s Countertop when I was in the thick of my education to become a Holistic Nutritionist, post University. Before discovering Holistic Nutrition, I felt extremely lost. Lost in my career search, lost in my relationships, and still carrying the heavy weight of my eating disorder. I was crippled by my anxiety and didn’t allow myself to be in a space where I could share my story and in turn receive any love or compassion. I had learned to block myself off from the world and play a script of self-hatred over and over again. Food was both my enemy and my crutch, the thing that caused me the most harm and the fastest relief from my anxiety. I was very much stuck in a world of control, perfectionism and unliveable standards for my appearance, my actions and my feelings.


Malaysia, High School & Eating disorder

Although my anxiety and the disorder didn’t control me the way that it did during my younger years growing up in Malaysia, it was still there, lingering, waiting for me to succumb to its coping power; to influence me back into the pattern of destruction.

When I began writing my blog, suddenly I realized that I wasn’t alone and that my story was a vehicle to help others; to heal. I have always been intuitive. Ever since I was a little girl, I would know things were about to happen before they happened. I knew what someone was going to say, before they said it. I had the ability to speak for others. To feel and express their thoughts, fears and pains. It was a gift that I was not ready to receive. It was a burden and a source of pain; I always came last.


Chloe Elgar About Page

My Mantra

I was finally offering myself the ultimate gift- to be a true healer; to live my life beyond the limited perspective of me, to give to something much greater. Removing the pressure to be perfect and to be in control was like allowing myself to finally breath and live in this world. After years of fighting and resisting my tendencies, I found a space of acceptance and awareness; I allowed what happen to happen and began to realise that what I did or felt was not my identity. My thoughts finally began becoming just thoughts; they no longer defined me or over-powered me.


The moment I was able to remove me from my story, and realize that my story was about so much more than me- I found my bliss.



My Mission

Deco-11I want to encourage others to eat good food, connect with nature and re-acquaint themselves in their kitchens, in their gardens and with their families and friends through the beauty of natural food.


Deco-11I want people to know that they can believe in themselves, silence the stories of self-hate and worthlessness, and live a life where they are doing what they love, following their strengths and truly loving themselves.


Deco-11I want people to feel supported, loved, confident in who they are and free to speak their story, honestly and openly.


Deco-11I want people to share their stories with me and recognize themselves and their own healing in my creative spaces.

Professional Background



CNP (Hons): Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Certified Professional Intuitive

ROHP/RNCP: Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner / Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

BA Psych: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & English Literature   





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