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My true moments of love are when I am helping someone bring light to their happiness and true desired feelings. To help guide them, empower them on their journey and bring them to a place of acceptance and love.

I believe that we are all here for a deep and divine reason and it takes moving through our shadows and embracing those sides of us that have caused us pain and discomfort, to realise this divine purpose. And the thing is, we are not meant to do this work alone. We are not here to fix each other and ‘fix’ the world alone. We are here to co-create, to manifest and to expand the love that is and has always been here. Sometimes it takes another person that we love and trust to guide us towards seeing the light in our life and truly loving who we are; our essence. 


Living a life where stories have no power past their surface, you receive boundless and limitless energy from the universe, and you hit your bed feeling nothing but love and gratitude.


This life has one simple constant: true, limitless love.

I want to share my tools and wisdom with you so you too can transform your life and dive deep into a connection with spirit.

Why do I love guiding my clients to Living True

Deco-11Seeing people come alive, gain insight and live in truth and love is the most amazing feeling ever.


Deco-11I have tried several ways of consulting and working in my career, and at the end of the day my most valuable experiences are the ones where a client is like a tribal member. By creating a safe & intuitive space during the calls, you leave feeling alive, nourished, and open. For the time that we work together, you have me in your corner supporting you unconditionally and guiding you powerfully to step into your purpose.


Deco-11When it came down to designing my offerings, I realised that there was no option. This is what I feel called to do. This is my purpose. By offering space to allow you to discover your truth, I am able to express, nurture and support in the ways that I have learnt for myself and receive much joy from. Working with you is a part of me living in my divine purpose.

Mentorship calls can include:


+ Dive deep into the world of intuitive eating (tools and practices)

+ Learn about ways to transform eating behaviours naturally and sustainably

+ Creating a holistic and intuitive kitchen and living space

+ Creating a loving and open relationship with food and your body


+ Guided Breathing & Meditation

+ Learning about law of attraction and abundance, duality and teachings of Abraham Hicks

+ Spiritual exploration and understand/connecting to your intuition

+ Intuitive guidance & Messages

+ Visualizations & Manifestation

+ Rewiring belief systems

+ Inner child exploration and releasing blocks

+ Practices and applications of the College of Mind, Body & Spirit Medicine


+ Talk about holistic nutrition and create a sustainable living (and eating) guide unique to you

+ Discuss the fundamentals of nutrition

+ Ayurveda

+ Nutritional imbalance analysis

+ Recipes, guides to grocery/farmers market shopping 

What it is not:

This is not a strict or standard nutrition consultation. We do a lot more than just focus on your eating habits and nutritional analysis. Nutrition is a part of the sessions and the amount varies person to person.

This is not an exclusive therapy session. I bring elements of psychology into the session, through questioning and listening. I have developed these sessions through all of my education, knowledge and training in every field I have worked, experienced and studied in. Psychology is very much a part of that, yet it does not stand alone in my approach


This experience is best designed for those who are feeling stuck in their health journey, experiencing challenge and pain with eating and nutrition and feel weighed down by anxiety, fear and overpowering beliefs. This is also directed towards those ready to dive deeper into their intuition journey and looking to create more clarity in their life purpose.


 I want YOU to …

01. Know: I am guided to help you connect to your divine knowing so that you can understand the difference between internal guidance and fear. I want you to feel confident in trusting your instincts around food, body, making decisions and life choice.

02. Feel: I want you to feel confident in yourself, free from anxiety/guilt/shame/regret when it comes to food and eating, living your purpose and trusting your guidance. I want you to feel free and full of love.

03. Do: I want you to feel ready to act, speak and write openly about your story and life, cook your own food, eat with freedom, and get more involved in your holistic health and wellness to live a life of purpose.


  • Virginia

    " I worked with Chloe for three months, talking over Skype and email because I was feeling completely drained, bloated, and exhausted. I was also perpetually hungry and had gained 25 lbs over the previous 12 months. Something was clearly wrong. Because of the way Chloe guided our work – gently but with a very clear understanding of what needed to happen – I sit here three months later, with a clearer head, a happier gut, and more energy than I’ve had in over a year and a half. Her multi-level approach is directed not only at food, but also at the emotions and behaviours around it. And she gets there carefully. "

  • Maria

    " The truth is I don't really know where I would be now if I didn't choose to start working one-on- one with Chloe 8 months ago. I was feeling really stuck in my life, struggling with an eating disorder, depression and digestive problems. I was a patient at an eating disorder clinic, but felt like I was no longer moving forward with the traditional treatment model. From the very first session with Chloe I felt heard and supported, and, most importantly, less afraid and less alone. It was extremely helpful to know that Chloe went through similar struggles and by being open about her own story she made it easier for me to open up. I could share the parts of myself, which I thought nobody wanted to see, my shadows and insecurities, and by doing so I started to heal. "

  • Melanie

    " Since meeting Chloe and attending her retreat in Costa Rica, I can gratefully say I have found the self-love again to ultimately shift the uncomfortable moments and experiences in my life. "

  • Marjan

    " Chloe has the incredible ability to feel what others are feeling, and oh so gently, guide them into viewing their own experience in a completely different light. I can say that I am in the process of learning how to movewith the natural changes that occur around me, and I’ve even made some pretty major changes in my life that I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing before Chloe’s guidance! One of the most comforting attributes about Chloe is her ability to meet me where I am, every single time. "

  • Alejandra

    " She challenged me to be less judgmental with myself and become more positive not just with my relationship with self but with everything that surrounds me. She guided me to look at myself and the world with different eyes, with pure love. Since working with Chloe, everything in my life has changed and I am more and more happy and relaxed. I feel more confident in my body and i'm happy i can decide how i want to feel about it, and I noticed these changes within day one of our work together. Chloe started shifting my world since our very first call "

  • Marjan

    " So I decided to start the mentorship program, although I was still a bit reluctant because I thought it would mean being forced into changes that I wasn’t ready to make and to reveal deep dark secrets about myself that I didn’t want to share! Much to my surprise, she never once asked me to reveal anything, nor did we ever talk about things that I didn’t want to talk about. Sometimes, I didn’t even need to talk at all! As if she could sense my energy all the way from the other side of the country, she would meet me exactly where I was and would provide me with the space I needed to express myself in that moment.

    Now, thanks so much to Chloe, I feel a lightness that I haven’t felt in a very long time. And the best part is, I have made so many little and big changes in my life, all on my own, and I’m feeling so excited about everything to come! Not once did I feel judged by Chloe, and never ever did she force me to make any of these changes. Her patience and her openness allowed me to naturally see the amazing feelings that come along with changing the way I think, and listening and paying attention to my heart and my feelings. "

Apply To Work With Chloe

I think it’s time for us to get started- I know it feels like it will be a lot of ‘hard’ work but what you will find is that there is something very light about our work together. Let me do the work and support you to feel the freedom that is here for you to take.

I will contact you via email within 24 hours to chat with you about your goals and next steps.


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*you must be 18 years of age


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