My true moments of love are when I am helping someone bring light to their happiness and true desired feelings. To help guide them, empower them on their journey and bring them to a place of acceptance and love.

To eat delicious food, cook and spend time in their holistic kitchen and to enjoy the simplicity of living in the present and to the moment.


Living a life where stories have no power past their surface entertainment, you receive boundless and limitless energy from the universe, and you hit your bed feeling nothing but love and gratitude.


This life has one simple constant: true, limitless love.

I want to share my tools and wisdom with you so you too can transform your life.

Why do I love guiding my clients to living in light?

Deco-11Seeing people come alive, gain insight and live in truth and love is the most amazing feeling ever.


Deco-11I have tried several ways of consulting and working in my career, and at the end of the day my most valuable experiences are the ones where a client is like a friend. By creating a safe & intuitive space during the calls, you leave feeling alive, nourished, and open. If I can live being able to follow my heart and listening to my intuition, then I believe we all can.


Deco-11When it came down to designing my offerings, I realised that there was no option. This is what I feel called to do. This is my purpose. By offering space to allow you to discover your truth, I am able to express, nurture and support in the ways that I have learnt for myself and receive much joy from.

Coaching calls can include:


+ Dive deep into the world of intuitive eating (tools and practices)

+ Go through cravings, addictions, anxious eating, and eating disorders

+ Learn about ways to transform eating behaviours naturally and sustainably

+ Creating a holistic and intuitive kitchen and living space


+ Guided Breathing & Meditation

+ Intuitive guidance & Messages

+ Visualizations & Manifestation

+ Rewiring belief systems

+ Inner child exploration and releasing blocks


+ Talk about holistic nutrition and create a sustainable living (and eating) guide unique to you

+ Discuss the fundamentals of nutrition

+ Ayurveda

+ Nutritional imbalance analysis

+ Recipes, guides to grocery/farmers market shopping 

What it is not:

This is not a strict or standard nutrition consultation. We do a lot more than just focus on your eating habits and nutritional analysis. Nutrition is a part of the sessions and the amount varies person to person.

This is not an exclusive therapy session. I am not a practicing psychologist. I bring elements of psychology into the session, through questioning and listening. I have developed these sessions through all of my education, knowledge and training in every field I have worked, experienced and studied in. Psychology is very much a part of that, yet it does not stand alone in my approach


This experience is best designed for those who are feeling stuck in their health journey, experiencing challenge and pain with eating and nutrition and feel weighed down by anxiety, fear and overpowering beliefs.


 I want YOU to …

01. Know: I want your to learn about holistic nutrition, begin to develop your own blueprint on health and wellness and feel empowered to live a life driven by passion, joy, love and fearlessness.

02. Feel: I want you to feel confident in yourself, free from anxiety/guilt/shame/regret when it comes to food and eating, living your purpose and trusting your guidance.

03. Do: I want you to feel ready to write and speak openly about your story and life, cook your own food, and get more involved in your holistic health and wellness to live a life of purpose.

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