A Local Vancouver Chocolate Queen: Julie Beyer


If you have been following Chloe’s Countertop for more than a few weeks, you are already well informed of the fact that I absolutely love Glowballs. There is no arguing this point. If I could afford it and control the urge to eat them for every meal or at every minute of every day; I would have a bottomless stock of them in my fridge, ready to eat at any moment. There is something so incredibly satisfying about these delicate & beautiful treats. Today, I felt it was time to share my addiction with you. It’s intervention time.

As with any addiction, I feel that it is appropriate for me to outline the day that these small bites of heaven were introduced to my life. It all started about a year ago, when Julie Beyer came to IHN (Institute of Holistic Nutrition) to speak to the students about starting a business, and her experience with the start up of her company, For the Love of Food. I heard of her products before (through the holistic grape vine) but I was yet to have the pleasure of making her acquaintance. That changed very quickly.

I was working at IHN at the time, and was in the middle of appointments with future students. Now, it’s essential that I mention that usually- when I would come across any sweets be it chocolate, cake, cookies or brownies- my usual (conditioned) reaction is to avoid and never take a bite. Since I was quite young and developed eating disorders, I’ve always had a fear of sugars and sweets and the way that they will affect my appearance. Through years of practicing high forms of self control- saying “no” to an offering of a tasty sugary treat was no problem for me. However, for some reason- in my walk past the kitchen- these treats caught my attention. Something about them was calling my name. So much so, that when my co-worker informed me that they were samples and I should try a piece- I went in for the kill, and grabbed a bite. Immediate ecstasy. Let me tell you. Julie Beyer referred to this reaction as “a synergy that goes WOW on the palette”. There was something about these chocolates and their taste, it was so layered- as if each millisecond catered to a whole new experience and depth of taste. They danced on each of my taste buds. I was hooked. I needed to know more!

Super foods are the absolute cool kids right now! In the holistic world, you aren’t cool unless your reppin’ some delicious cacao or vibrating off of a shot of E3 live or Spirulina infused greens. The thing about superfoods, to me, is that these are foods that should be enjoyed in variation, and when you are going to be pumping your body with their amazing qualities- it’s important to make sure you are supporting good sources that represent integrity and honesty when it comes to their products. Enter Julie Beyer! This girl is all about honesty, integrity and fair-trade, when it comes to her delicious business.

It was at this moment that Julie emerged from the classroom- radiating loving energy. I knew I had to know her. That was it, the beginning of a new friendship! We chatted very briefly, but in those five minutes- I could tell that she had immense passion for her business and after a quick tasting, I knew that her products were the real thing. Since then, I have been following and supporting Julie (and she, of me) on her journey and couldn’t be happier. Julie truly embodies the authentic & beautiful spirit that you always hope the creator of your favourite foods does- and you can feel it through her products. Spending each moment so intimately with her products, daily- Julie’s passion and fine attention to detail lend to the consistency and success of her beautiful line of products.

What distinguishes Julie from the masses is that she is a local entrepreneur who is passionate about holistic nutrition, sustainability and truly knows her products, inside-out. Julie really stresses the importance of organic, sustainable ingredients that are local always and if not, sourced from fair-trade organic sources around the world. For instance, she gets her hazelnut oil from the local farmers market (therefore all of the hazelnut flavours are local) and the fantastic creamy coconut oil from Naked Coconuts, a Vancouver based company run by young, passionate entrepreneurs who truly value integrity. in Vancouver, who Julie connected with at a local famers market! One thing that really stands out for me, about Julie & her products- is she really has the ‘girl next door’ energy. She truly believes in living a life that is happy, balanced and healthy- everyday. There is something so truly wonderful about meeting a business owner who not only believes in her business but who also makes everything about her business so readily available to the public (not just those in the nutrition field). Julie has the intention of inspiring all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, health status or gender, to rediscover their GLOW. Julie hopes to create a long-lasting alternative to all of those deadly sugary and artificially sweetened foods out there that are not only damaging our health but they are damaging our spirits.

Julie’s glowing products include two special lines of treats. The first of which is my absolute favourite- the Glowball Consciousness Truffle. [Side note: I am eating one as I write this review.] Aside from their unique flavour and texture, which had me at hello- these bad boys are also sugar-free (believe it or not!!!) All of the Glowball Truffles are gluten-free, dairy-free, cacao-free, sugar-free and made from all natural and local ingredients. Talk about a holistic treat! You literally have absolutely no reason to feel guilty when taking a bite into these delicious spots of heaven. Of all the fantastic flavours, I am a true devotee of the Caramel Lucuma Almond. It has such a depth of flavour- I close my eyes each time I take a bite (and recommend that everyone who tries them does as well). I have pretty much been a walking advertisement for these particular truffles since the first time I tried them.

Being sugar-free, I am sure that you are wondering- what makes them sweet? How can a delicious chocolate treat be sugar free and good for you? Fear not, they are not made of any of those dangerous artificial sugars that you find in a lot of things like chewing gum, candy and sweet coffee drinks. The hidden secret behind the Glowballs is green stevia. This natural sweetener is organic and local- purchased from Suede Hills Organic Farm and is completely calorie and sugar free! According to Suede Hills, 1 teaspoon of their organic green stevia is equivalent in flavour to a cup of sugar!

For myself (and I am sure a lot of people out there), green stevia in health products and health-related foods has really been a huge blessing. It has allowed me to gradually re-acquaint myself with foods that I was in terrible fear of for many years, with a dose of sanity and security. The thing is, I still have anxiety, moments after eating a bite of a decadent dessert. I never order dessert when I’m out and tend to say “no” when I am offered to share or have a bite of someone else’s. Being completely honest, I don’t have this anxiety when I eat Julie Beyer’s truffles. I realize that this is a training of the mind related to control, that I continually work on confronting (any sense of security is all made up in the mind anyways), however, the truth is making treats like this available is helpful in the transition. I know, whole-heartedly, that they would be beneficial for a lot of people out there who have fear of weight-gain related to sugar/sweets, especially those with severe eating disorders.

Another section of society who would (and do) benefit remarkably from the Glowball truffles are those with diabetes! Living with diabetes is not easy and unfortunately, diabetes is and continues to be a very prevalent disease in most parts of the world. Not only do the truffles not contain sugar, making them safe for unstable blood sugar regulation- they also contain fair trade cinnamon, which is fabulous for blood sugar balancing. I mean, when it comes down to it- they couldn’t be more appealing for a diabetic in need of something delicious, energizing and nutritious.

The other popular line of chocolates are the Glow Spot Raw Chocolates. Similar to the Glowball Truffles- there are an assortment of flavours, all of which contain locally sourced, organic and natural ingredients. The flavours include: chili cinnamon, local hazelnut truffle, mint chocolate chip, orange goji & the new exciting flavour, salted caramel almond.  The main differences between the two lines are these do contain a raw, natural source of sugar- grade 3 maple syrup, and they also contain organic fair-trade raw cacao.

When I asked Julie about her values and how they transcend into her business, she immediately lit up with excitement. “Great question”, she remarked, Glowing in the process. As I expected, Julie noted that there is no difference between her own personal values and the values of her business. This is something that really pleased me, because- I do feel that it is important, as a business owner- to create coherence between yourself and your business; there shouldn’t be a separation. This has a lot to do with the idea of ‘living to work’ or ‘working to live’. I strive to create and maintain a life where there is no separation, where I love my life and I love my work- and I don’t feel dragged down by a job that I am not passionate about or associate with.

Julie summarized 5 values which stood out to her in her life and her business:

1. Heroism“going above and beyond & in doing what’s true in our hearts”,

2. Simplicity: “Uncomplicated, good-for-you food & nutrition”,

3. Unconditional Acceptance: “accepting and supporting customers where ever they are at in their life and healthy journey”,

4. Truthfulness & Truth: “transparency about the products in relation to ingredients and sourcing”, and

5. Passion: “passion for food and life”

Julie continues to challenge herself, set out short-term business goals and face her fears (e.g., attempting something new, for the first time). What’s most important to Julie is that she continues to love herself and choose love over fear. This is something I myself consider the highest of values, and really look for when meeting new business owners & people in general. With Julie’s loving energy, fantastic business and personal values and delicious products- it is no wonder Glowballs are getting SO popular. Julie envisions her business as a platform for education; to speak about living your truth and creating a more conscious and loving world. Glowballs in the recent Media

  • Erin Ireland (Co-host of FMA; CEO of To Die For Fine Foods (think banana bread) absolutely loves them and uses them in a lot of her recipes and social media postings including the common ‘cherry on top’ of her pancake stack videos on Instagram
  • Glowballs were featured on CTV Noon News as one of the Top 5 Christmas Treats in Vancouver
  • Glowballs are making an appearance at the TED TV’s 30th Anniversary Conference happening right now in Vancouver. They will be feeding and fuelling some of the most influential people and speakers of our time! Go Julie!

Julie’s business is quickly growing as more and more people are becoming acquainted with these bites of heaven. Although she does not have her own store front, Julie’s products are carried in a list of retailers around Vancouver and the surrounding lower mainland area- making them available to you no matter where you are located.

Where you can find a Glowball Truffle or Glow Spot Chocolate (please note, some of the locations carry one of the products/or select portions of Julie’s line, so I recommend checking her website for details on specific products & respective locations!)


  • I Love Health store- Coal Harbour- 1428 West Hastings
  • Krokodile Pear – Kitsilano- 1867 West 1st Avenue
  • Bioethique Organic Provence Spa- Kitsilano- 3578 West 4th Avenue
  • Eternal Abundance Cafe- East Vancouver- 1025 Commercial Drive
  • Unity Yoga and Tea House- East Vancouver- Second Floor, 1672 East 10th Ave
  • Institute of Holistic Nutrition- Central Vancouver (Cambie St)- 604 West Broadway, Suite 300

North Vancouver

  • Buddha Full Juices & Smoothies- Suite 101 – 106 W 1st Avenue
  • Tao Organics – Suite 120 – 260 Esplanade West
  • Country Health, Lynn Valley Centre- 1199 Lynn Valley Road

For Surrey, Langley, Port-Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby, Richmond & New Westminister locations click here If you DO NOT live in Vancouver but really want to try these fantastic Glow Products, contact Julie and see if there is a way she can get them to you. Julie has shipped to Alberta before (aka it’s possible), so don’t hesitate to ask the question! 

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