Vancouver’s New Vegan Friendly Snackbar

Offering you a Friendly hello ! AK here (Chloe’s assistant)!

As you are aware I just started working with Chloe as her assistant, and have loved every minute of it…how is this a job again? ALL the fun has happened and is to be had in the future !

You may have caught me on The Chloe’s Countertop Instagram stories either devouring the N.W.A. Breakfast Calazone at Virtuous Pie or perhaps cooking up recipes with Chloe in her kitchen. Either way, Here I am !

This is officially my first food review for the countertop and it’s a very sweet one, did I mention I have a sweet tooth?

Here’s the story on how I met one of the owners, Naomi. The wonderful creator of Say Hello Sweets. I live in the quaint community of Deep Cove in North Vancouver. Within our community, literally a minute stroll away from my house…we have a lovely integrative cafe called Bluhouse Market and Cafe (stay tuned for a review coming soon).

That day Chloe and I were preparing recipes… You remember that week where we had a Turmeric latte and Cheesecake obsession (recipes coming to the blog!)?











Ya, that one.. it’s hard to forget.

After my tummy was full and we were all done in at the Countertop Kitchen, I slowly made my way back to Deep Cove.

I comfortably walked down to Bluhouse and noticed a vintage pink truck.. hmm whats going on here? AND.. there happened to be a pop up event! Yay! More food for me.

Knowing me, I stuck around to test out the treats and chat with everyone. There I met Jillian of Amai Vegan Treats, where I tasted one of her scrumptious brownies and got to “Say Hello” to Naomi!

She happily handed me a cup of her “Cafe No-Lait” ice cream and I was sent to heaven. Before we knew it, we were deep in conversation and she began telling me of her collaboration with Zimt Chocolates and Smallflower Bakery in the coming weeks. This got me very excited… because now I had a new spot to try out with Chloe AND Bluhouse conveniently now sells TUBS of Say Hello ice cream (a welcomed DANGER).

So now, allow me to introduce to you the brand new Plant based and Gluten free snack bar, Friendly Vancouver! This new eatery is an all-women team including: Emma Smith of Zimt Chocolates, Lisa Skelton of Smallflower and Wallflower Cafe and the manager of both locations, Natalie Swatez, and Naomi Arnault of Say Hello Sweets! What beauties.

Located on Main St. in Mount Pleasant, this lovely spot was put together in just 1 MONTH.

Yes, that’s right, this trio of powerhouse women opened up their space on May 5th, where they refurbished the former hair salon, East Vanity Parlour location.

These ladies are all individual women of businesses coming together to unite in the community for empowerment and love. Needless to say, you can feel the warm energy as you step into Friendly. As you walk in there is lots and lots of baby pink, including a (self built) retro refrigerator turned into a kombucha machine! What else? Well, the brilliant thing about this place is that it is a true product of women coming together to support each other and basically show their bad ass selves. Being that each co-founder is already established, they were able to get things moving much faster than you would if you were new to the industry. In fact, their whole idea came from wanting to create an opportunity to support their own businesses and create another stream of income- together.

Chloe and I had the opportunity to ask Naomi a few questions on why she started her company…As it is so SWEET, we couldn’t wait to share it all with you.

The story begins with Babycakes, the dog- who unfortunately tore her knee a few years back and required a surgery costing $6K!

Naomi didn’t know how to expense this hefty fee so she decided to start making vegan ice cream, restored an old van and started raising the funds through kickstarter to support the recovery of her pup! We are happy to report that Babycakes is now fully healed and as happy as ever.

Say Hello Sweets will be around the city in the baby pink truck in the coming summer months so be sure to watch out for her!

NOW the edibles that we drooled over. Dessert first? Say Hello Sweets “Stay Mallow” toasted marshmallow ice cream in a Small Flower Bakery gluten-free maple waffle cone (so good!).

We also shared the refreshing Pink Dragon Smoothie Bowl paired with the Friendly homemade Kombucha which was so bright and delicious. Perfect for a summertime midday snack.

Did you know that the vintage menu boards were found in the states a Swap-me Monroe car swap- a perfect example of the resilience of these wonderful women in business!

One of our favourite items that we tried was the Avocado and Mango Salsa toast.  The small flower (gluten-free) bread was the PERFECT texture in combination with the avo-salsa. To die for!

The ladies have nailed it with their adorable shop and divine vegan and gluten free food! Be sure to pay a visit and give a Friendly hello to the girls as this is only the beginning!

Congratulations once again to these wonderful woman for their opening and success to come, we’ll certainly be back (especially considering it’s a stone’s throw away from Chloe’s Countertop headquarters!


Hey hey… not so fast…a few more drool-worthy moments that we couldn’t resist sharing…

And there we have it! A brand new Mount Pleasant spot that will leave you feeling nourished, satisfied, connected and all warm-and-fuzzy inside.

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Interested in a food review? Shoot me an email and we can get it set up for a Chloe’s Countertop visit!

Thanks for reading! If you find yourself in the baby pink surroundings of Friendly Cafe and snap any shots- tag us (@chloescountertop) in your photos, we’d love to see what you get!



Address: 2408 Main Street

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday 10am-7pm, Friday & Saturday 10-9pm

What we ordered: avocado & mango salsa toast, toasted marshmallow waffle cone ice cream, pink dragon smoothie bowl, spark kombucha, and the molten tofu broccoli bowl

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