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Chloe Elgar is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Speaker and the founder of Chloe‘s Countertop, a platform to support women and men around the world who are ready to step into their light and connect to their higher selves. Chloe's focus ranges from issues with disordered eating, body image and relationship to body- to our connection to purpose and a deeper exploration with spirit. Chloe’s universal mission is to change our relationship to pain and discomfort- and to create space for vulnerability, connection and truth.

My Mission

Chloe has worked in the industry of healing for over 6 years. Chloe's mission is rooted in her connection and passion for spiritual healing, a deep connection to intuition and guiding others to not only finding but living in their divine purpose. Her work has taken her around the world, living and working in Dubai, Vancouver, London and Seattle. No matter where she is the thread that remains is that we are all connected through our vulnerable stories of truth of wanting to love and be loved. Chloe began her professional journey working as a Holistic Nutritionist as well as a personal chef to support and guide women and men in their body image and eating stories. Very quickly, Chloe realised that although it is important, the healing required looking into spaces that moved beyond what we were eating. It is around a much deeper mind, body and spirit connection. Chloe has since explored her own spiritual journey (through work in medical intuition) and discovered the link that connects all of our stories: the divine. Her work is now an integration of holistic nutrition, psychology and intuition.

Chloe is the host of a celebrated podcast, Conscious Conversations, as well as the host and creator of two retreat series (Light Up & Living in Light). She self-published a book/cookbook on her journey, Living in Light, which was published in June 2016. Chloe also is the co-creator and host of a popular dinner series in Vancouver, The Witchery, which is a celebration of divine magic, intuition and holistic healing with women.

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Chloe' Offerings


A program which guides women and men through a journey of self-discovery, deep healing, unconditional love and the law of attraction. An integration of psychology, holistic nutrition and intuition which focuses on issues and imbalance around disordered eating, body image, depression, anxiety and life purpose.

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Stepping into your intuition is like opening your eyes after being asleep for a very long time. It's a bit of a mind-scatter in the beginning, but once your eyes adjust and you begin to see, feel and hear- you realise where you are and who you are. As an intuitive, my work is about holding a space of unconditional love for your humanity, and tuning into the divine- to deliver you messages. My work as a nutritionist, podcaster, speaker and writer has been training me to step into this incredible role- which is about extending love and light around the world through a frequency that reaches beyond the power of our mind. Whether you have a burning question, looking for clarity or feeling lost- this is a beautiful service that can support anyone on their journey.

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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition has played a huge role in my healing. It wasn't until I found holistic nutrition that my life really began to shift and my relationship with my body catapulted into a space of balance and love. Holistic nutrition is a beautiful way of looking at the world and each person in it- as a unique being. I incorporate my knowledge and holistic nutrition practice into my Living True Mentorship to guide clients into a space of mind, body and soul alignment. When it comes to spiritual and intuitive work, it is just important to fuel your body with abundant nutrition as it is to meditate and be in nature. It is one of the primary foundations of living a life in alignment.

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Writing & Publications

Chloe's writing is a powerful reflection of her passion for story-telling, vulnerability and insight. Chloe combines her education (BA literature and creative writing) with incredible mentorship relationship with celebrated authors such as Cheryl Strayed and Albert Flynn De Silver. Chloe writes for various online publications (elephant journal, well&good) and has self-published her book, Living in Light.

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