Your Ultimate Holistic Bali Guide

Hello loves! It’s funny- I’ve traveled to a lot of places in my lifetime and I have certainly tried several times to write up a ‘guide’ or at least a ‘vegan foodie guide’ to the cities I’ve been, for you. Somehow, they never end up getting completed. Somewhere along the way I feel as though I didn’t visit enough spots of wished I had more time to cover more of it. This time around, I feel thoroughly prepared. Not only does Bali (and especially Canggu and the surrounding area) feel like another home now, but I am also SO excited

A Conscious Lunch Date at Chau Veggie

When team Chau Veggie asked me to return for another Restaurant Story (I did one last year), I knew I had to say yes.   So to make it interesting and to give it a new twist, we decided to do a giveaway, so that two people could win a lunch date with me through Instagram! Fun right? It was such an easy way to get out into the community and meet new people, something that you don’t always get to do with social media. Everyday you connect to people that you have never met and who sometimes know a

Hey, Kokomo | Year-Round Sunshine (and Epic Food) in Vancity

Hey, Kokomo. You’ve got me. I now see what all the fuss is about and I am a little sad that I didn’t check you out on the day you opened. Alas, we have finally met and a beautiful romance has begun. Let’s paint a picture, shall we?    There once lived a lady named Katie Ruddell. Six years ago an idea was planted. An idea that had been pulled from her dreams and created over a lifetime of experiences. Six years ago, Katie said out loud, “in 5 years, I will have my own business.” And so it is.

Chickpea | Restaurant Story | Vancouver

Vancouver, I have a confession. Up until this week, I had never tried Chickpea at their amazing food truck (I know, it’s shocking and quite unforgivable). It’s true. For some reason, I had never had the opportunity to try the infamous food truck food that people like Erin Ireland and The Juice Truck boys would rave over. The truth is, this is not a result of not knowing about it, or even not trying- but for some reason, up until this week- I hadn’t had the delight of tasting Chickpea. Well, the founding team certainly changed that for me yesterday.

Introducing The Juicery Co’s Cafe | Restaurant Story |

a Chloe's Countertop Restaurant Story on the brand new Juicery Co's Cafe in Vancouver on main street

This Restaurant Story is a special one because it just so happens to be with one of our absolute favourite local businesses in Vancouver: The Juicery Co. This wonderful mother-daughter juice establishment actually started while I was living in Dubai. I remember looking at their social media and website as a source of inspiration for the company that I was working with in Dubai (Essentially Juice Shop), and their co-founer Wiebke was always very connected to and intruiged by The Juicery’s branding and overall feel. I was in full agreement. From the juices, to the stores, to the products, to

Vancity’s New (Veg) Taco Joint: Lucha Verde

Hey Vancouverites! AK here! Over the past few months there has been much talk of the new kid on the block (especially in the plant-based community)… Lucha Verde which moved into the former Lolita’s space on Davie Street in the West End!  This” lighting strike” (look out for the massive bolt on the wall) of a spot serves outstanding vegetarian (and vegan, gluten-free) Mexican street food and cocktails! As soon as you walk into the space, you get the feeling that the owner has done this before. Well, you aren’t wrong. Chloe and I were invited down by owner, John

Vancouver’s New Vegan Friendly Snackbar

Offering you a Friendly hello ! AK here (Chloe’s assistant)! As you are aware I just started working with Chloe as her assistant, and have loved every minute of it…how is this a job again? ALL the fun has happened and is to be had in the future ! You may have caught me on The Chloe’s Countertop Instagram stories either devouring the N.W.A. Breakfast Calazone at Virtuous Pie or perhaps cooking up recipes with Chloe in her kitchen. Either way, Here I am ! This is officially my first food review for the countertop and it’s a very sweet

Vegan Brunch at Virtuous Pie

Hey Vancouver! That’s right? Virtuous Pie is back on the blog and this time, it’s all for their AMAZING new brunch menu that launched on May 6th 2017! We all know how big of a fan I am of VP, right? Basically, if you take a scroll through my Instagram or check out my previous Restaurant Stories, you’ll see that VP holds a special place in my heart since day 1. I’ll never forget the first moment I caught site of them on Lauren Toyota’s vlog when her and John found them in Portland at the Vegan Beer & Food Festival

Restaurant Story: Double Zero NYC

Ok guys, it’s time. I’m finally ready to talk about our visit to Double Zero in NYC. It’s been almost 2 weeks since we spent a beautiful New York City friday evening in the graces of Matthew Kenney’s new NYC plant based haven. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already assumed that we clearly enjoyed it, based not only on the drool-worthy photos but also from my guest-hosting on @doublezeronyc’s Instagram account. Based on your level of commitment to @chloescountertop, you may or may not know everything already. However, I owe it to team Matthew Kenney to get my thoughts

Restaurant Review: Chau Veggie Express

Let me introduce you to a common occurrence here in Vancouver: Person: “Chloe, where is a good vegan spot to eat in Vancouver?” Chloe: “Oh, Chau Veggie of course!” Person: “What is that?” Chloe: “What? Ahhh… people need to know about this place!” Person: “Tell me about it…” Chloe: “Ok, here we go”: So, Chau Veggie Express. Introducing, Vancouver’s best vegan vietnamese. Also, in my opinion, one of Vancouver’s best vegan spots. Also, Vancouver’s best modern Vietnamese restaurant. Are you intruiged? The first time I went to Chau was when my buddy Mel Emlyn had told me about the ‘Golden

Restaurant Review: Virtuous Pie

If you’re from Vancouver (and don’t live under a rock) then the name, Virtuous Pie, probably already rings a bell. The surprising part is, that this virtuous pizza hang out that is sandwiched between Keefer and East Pender on Main street (583 Main Street) has only been open for less than 2 months. So what’s all the buzz about? After a few of my own personal visits, plus an invite to the press & media launch party several weeks back, I decided that I had to find out more of the story behind these delicious, creative and innovative plant based

ZEND Conscious Lounge Vancouver: A Must Try Vegan Oasis

When I finally made my way back to Vancouver for a visit, it basically became my mission to make contact with Karen of Blue Heron Cheese so that I could find out what all the cheezy buzz was all about. What ended up was basically pure magic. Not only did I meet Karen and eat her cheese, I also got to spend several hours (basically the whole day) with Karen and the ZenD Lounge team (where Karen is executive chef) eating, chatting and diving deep into conscious conversation. I always say that one of my most favourite things to do

Holistic Travels in London with Tanya’s Cafe

I wrote this post in the summer, with a few hopes of changing it up a bit. Months later and I feel like it’s time to release it into the world. Hope you enjoy! I’m a big believer in things happening for reasons. The world works in magical ways- it brings to you what you are ready to receive, when you are ready to receive it. This is exactly what happened when it comes to my first visit to Tanya’s Cafe. Nothing short of a miracle, in my eyes. I’ve been a follower of Better Raw, the blog, website and