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a Chloe's Countertop Restaurant Story on the brand new Juicery Co's Cafe in Vancouver on main street

This Restaurant Story is a special one because it just so happens to be with one of our absolute favourite local businesses in Vancouver: The Juicery Co. This wonderful mother-daughter juice establishment actually started while I was living in Dubai. I remember looking at their social media and website as a source of inspiration for the company that I was working with in Dubai (Essentially Juice Shop), and their co-founer Wiebke was always very connected to and intruiged by The Juicery’s branding and overall feel. I was in full agreement. From the juices, to the stores, to the products, to all of the hidden touches- you can really tell that the ladies behind this brand put a lot of love, thought and effort into their business.

Years later and they are still on the same mindful train and this time, is reflected in the launch of their brand new cafe! That’s right- the brand is growing and is now the home of a delicious plant-based menu (curated by Olympian, Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Solfeggio Foods, Kristi Richards) which features delicious holistic beverages (lavender matcha latte anyone), big and beautiful salads, raw pizzas and so much more. The best part about this all, is that I feel lucky enough to have been able to witness the beginnings of this cafe through my connection and relationship with co-founder and manager, Alex Troll.

We bonded through a mutual love for entrepreneurship, women in business and holistic products- Alex and I tried our best to figure out ways to work together (in events such as Moon Gathering, Conscious Business Brunch, and the most recent Witchery Dinner Series) to maintain our collaboration. For a while, we explored me taking home in their ‘office’ space in the Main street location. Intuitively though, we both felt as though it wasn’t what we I was meant to be doing- and luckily we didn’t decide on that- as it this ‘office’ is now home to a lot of amazing food prep that supports the efficiency of the beautiful cafe.

So let’s get to the food, shall we?

I was sad to miss the actual launch of the cafe (I was in Sicily for a wedding), however I managed to get myself there pretty much as soon as I arrived home. I brought my good friend Melanie Emlyn along to help cover the #instastories, take some behind-the-scenes photos and of course, to help consume all of the delicious food. I was pretty sure Alex wasn’t going to let us leave without feeling incredibly satiated, satisfied and with optimally full-bellies (and hearts). And she did just that.

Our visit started with two large mugs (beautiful mugs) filled with Lavender Matcha Latte & a Earth Beauty Beet Latte. To be honest, we could’ve easily just had these and left with full hearts. I was so excited to try these lattes, as I remember chatting with Alex about her decision of whether or not to take the jump and install a full espresso bar in the cafe. Man, I am SO glad she did. Not only is the vintage espresso machine fully on-brand and so lovely, but they have also totally mastered the art-of-lattes. They serve the delicious local moja coffee (a North Vancouver brand) who pride themselves in their dedication to sourcing, roasting and distributing ethical, mindful and high-integrity coffee. Fine by me. Not a coffee drinker? No worries- the holistic lattes are coffee free and are filled with tons of holistic ingredients that will support your energy levels without the typical mid-afternoon coffee slump. My favourite is definitely the Lavender Matcha Latte and I’m pretty sure Mel was all over the Earth Beauty Latte (made with rose and beetroot juice and decorated with dried rose petals). Also, there are some other amazing lattes (with coffee) on the menu, including the popular Lavender Latte (made with the housemade pumpkin seed mylk and sweetened with honey). For coffee drinkers, these are equally as delicious!

Hint: you can also now order the Matcha Lavender Latte and the Earth Beauty Beet Latte as a cold-beverage too to cool down during this hot Vancouver summer!


Ok, we can move onto the food.

After seeing a few different posts on social media and just hearing through the holistic Vancouver grape-vine, I knew that I definitely had to try the Rawza, and the Sol Bowl (one of my bestie Alyson Strike’s weekly lunch favourite).

When we arrived, Candice asked us to check-out the menu and let her know what we wanted. After we had already ordered, Alex came over and told us what she thought we should get. It turns out, we were in agreement! Here’s a list of what we tried:

The Rawza (buckwheat and sundried tomato crust, truffle tomato jam, botija olives, cashew cheese, tamari mushrooms, basil, kale pesto)

The Vegan Kale Ceaser Salad (kale, cashew ceaser dressing, almond croutons, carrot “bacon”, dried capers)

The Kelp Noodle Salad (kelp noodles, carrots, cabbage, mint, cilantro, basil, scallions, zucchini, orange, cashews, cilantro lime dressing

The Sol Bowl (forbidden black rice, truffled carrots, gingered beets, tamari mushrooms, sesame edamame, kale gomae, almond tamarind dressing, hemp hearts, sesame seeds, pea shoot)


I think my favourite item was the Kelp Noodle Salad and possibly just because that is what I was craving that day.┬áThe Kale Ceaser was certainly a runner-up for one of Vancity’s best Caesar salads. The dressing is very creamy and garlicky (yes) and spot on in terms of flavour. I loved the dehydrated carrot bacon (fun) and of course, kale from their family farm? I’m in. As I mentioned, the Sol Bowl seems to be a favourite among the community and is just very satisfying and satiating. A perfect lunch or dinner item. The Rawza was also very yummy- the cashew cheese and truffle tomato jam is mouth-watering and the perfect topping for the dense dehydrated crust.

It was all really delicious. It’s so refreshing to be able to order full meals at The Juicery after all of these years and it makes perfect sense for the Main street location which is certainly big enough to house a cafe crowd. I suppose now is a better time than ever to admit that we weren’t able to fully finish everything, but that is definitely not for lack of trying or a reflection of the quality and taste! Raw food can be very filling- and you are getting such a high abundance of nutrients. So the truth is, a little goes a long way.

That’s it folks. The rest, well- you’re just going to have to go try it all for yourselves! If you see me there when you visit, come say hi! I usually sit at the spot by the window and I will most likely be sipping on a Lavender Matcha Latte. I’m also really excited to try out the breakfast items which I know will be delicious based on how amazing their smoothie bowls are. They definitely do not go light on the toppings and amazing organic ingredients.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few more photos to drool over;)

Oh, and I must add that we certainly made our way to the brand new plant-based gelateria called Umaluma immediately after (right before I had to jump on a podcast recording) because it has only just opened and, we couldn’t miss it. If you haven’t been yet, you must! In fact, Erin Ireland and I have both been mentioned as Vancouver’s top food bloggers to be raving all about it by Narcity earlier this month!

In case you are looking for flavour recommendations, I am a BIG fan of the Sicilian Pistachio (YES!) and the Drunken Cherry (pictured below).

Last but not least, to celebrate our love for greens, team Chloe’s Countertop is joining #TheJuiceryCo’s #MyDailyGreens campaign for August. Our intention is to support Vancity in jumping on the green bandwagon and including amazing, nutrient abundant greens in their daily life to help balance and improve mind, body and spirit. Stay tuned for some fun posts on greens coming to our instagram as well as here on the blog!

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