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Live free from destructive thoughts and limiting beliefs. Learn to consciously connect more deeply with your true self, the divine, your body and the world around you. Discover an internal peace and more profound happiness.

Work With Chloe

This is for you if

You are feeling stuck


You are tired and don’t know which way to turn to find balance and relief


You need clarity in your job, life, relationships


You are ready to connect deeper with your intuition


You are interested in learning more about developing daily tools and practices around spirit connection


You are ready to work with the universal laws of abundance and attraction


You are looking to bring more happiness and peace into your life


You have been through, or are going through, an eating disorder or body image issues *this is not a prerequisite to do the mentorship


What to expect

Patterns and Stories

Learn to identify stories in your life that keep you trapped in loops that hold you back from moving forward.


Belief Systems

Work through your current belief systems to evolve them into new ones that reflect where you want to go in life.



Understand how to identify your emotions and to use them as a compass for navigating balance in your life.


Mind & Spirit

Learn to tune into yourself by identifying your mind voice and your spirit voice- expand your connection to intuition and learn how to use it daily in life/work.



Connect deeply with your physical body and move through / release any blocks around body image, eating issues or imbalance


How I work

My diverse background brings the mentorship program to life. We'll move through psychology, intuition and holistic nutrition to evolve where you are now with where you want to go in life.

  • psychology

  • intuition

  • holistic nutrition

  • A large part of the healing process involves understanding the mind and the coping mechanisms and strategies that we have built and gained over a lifetime. It is in the understanding of our conditioning, that we can begin to release attachment and feel more freedom and space to create and experience.

  • It that voice our intuition, or our ego? We are all intuitive. Most of us work with our intuition every single day, without knowing it. When you can develop your relationship with intuition and identify how it supports you, big shifts will occur around living expansively and with less resistance.

  • We are all gifted with a divine vessel to live this life in. Our bodies are a big part of our journey and as such, they require proper nutrition to function optimally. You never truly appreciate something until it becomes compromised and we all know what it feels like when we fall ill and can't do what we are used to do, or when we are injured. Holistic Nutrition is a foundation of living with intuition- the cleaner and more nourished our bodies, the better it will perform (optimal energy) and the clearer your messages will be.


Living True – 1:1 Mentorship

A program custom tailored to you on your healing journey. Get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation to explore what would be a good fit for you.

Investment Range: CAD $880 monthly (4 sessions per month) for a minimum of 3 months

*Paid in full and payment plan options available


Work With Chloe

Connect to step into your truth

Get in touch for a free 15min consultation session and explore how we can work together.

VIP Days Applications
*you must be 18 years of age

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