Alex Mazerolle: Girlvana & Distrikt Movement

From the moment I started Conscious Conversations and began talking about my podcast, I was told by many people that I had to meet “Ally Maz” and have her on the show. In typical Chloe-spirit, I took that recommendation quite seriously and finally, here she is. I met Alex in the comforts of her beautiful Distrikt Movement studio in North Vancouver one morning, and we sat and chatted for what felt like both minutes and many hours. Meeting Alex for the first time and having the gift of this podcast to truly connect with her and spend some time with her was so amazing. I can see why she is so successful, so caring and so well-loved in the spaces that she spends her time in. She is one to watch and her work is powerful, inspiring and needed in this world. If you haven’t yet attended one of her yoga classes or Vana retreats- I suggest you add that to your vision/bucket list. Also, if your daughter is in need of some extra support- Alex is your lady. Thank you for coming on Alex- sending you SO much love.



Alex Mazerolle is the founder of Girlvana and Ladyvana Yoga and co-founder of District movement in North Vancouver. Alex is quite the wonder woman in the wellness scene. She is a Vancouver based entrepreneur and yoga teacher with a powerful mission to help women come together and rise in truth and love. She is super passionate about authenticity, real talk and the transformative shift that takes place when you embrace adventure and nature.

To name a few of her passion-led missions, Alex is a Lululemon Ambassador, the yoga teacher for EA Sports app YOGIFY, a past Pecha Kucha Speaker, a retreat host, a Wanderlust Festival teacher and a Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist from the Chamber of Commerce in North Vancouver.





  • Alex talks about how and when she found yoga
  • How dance and eating disorders were a big reason for her life shift
  • The birth of Girlvana Yoga
  • Ladyvana Yoga
  • The importance of mentors
  • Meditation
  • What it means to “come home”
  • Recognising pain as a gift
  • Ally’s truths




Girlvana Yoga

Ladyvana Yoga




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