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This is such a light and fun episode- Alex Troll is quite literally one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She works hard, loves a lot and is such a strong role model in terms of running a business consciously and with authority. Today we dive into a beautiful conversation (Alex’s FIRST podcast interview!) around working with her Mum and owning a family business, working with women in general and how she has changed since starting The Juicery Co years ago. Alex is also a new-mama to be and we go into her journey towards motherhood has changed her too. It’s filled with a lot of insight around running a business, being a boss and standing in your power- with love and light. Thank you so much Alex for sharing. Love you!


Alex Troll was born in North Vancouver, she went to Capilano University and started her own business called The Juicery Co in 2013. The company has grown to 3 shops and has flourished into a health brand beyond just juice. Alex’s passion for health, her team and brining local entrepreneurs together to work on making Vancouver a better place resulted in lively storefronts full of events and curated local products. She loves creating a community, nourishing others and working with creative people.


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