Amber St Peter: Good Saint

I love Amber! This lady is such a kind, sweet, and genuine soul. Amber is one of those people that I just randomly found myself following (not even sure how I found her) and immediately knew that I loved her vibe and what she was putting out into the world. We all even certain personalities and energies that we are drawn to and that we know we can exist easily with- and Amber is certainly that for me. We share a lot of similar stories and I love how strong and clear Amber is in her journey and what she is going through. This is a beautiful conversation really exploring a variety of topics including: eating disorders, anxiety, wedding planning, the vegan label, growing a following, entrepreneurism and what it’s like to drop a label and face the fears of disappointing others. So happy to share this episode with you! Thanks for your beautiful sharing Amber– ps. make sure to check out her wedding video (linked below) once you’ve tuned in!



Maine-native Amber has been living in California and loving plants for over 7 years. She’s got a healthy appreciation for sweets, but prefers to keep it simple in the kitchen. Her blog Good Saint (formerly Fettle Vegan), regularly serves up healthy, plant-based recipes, lifestyles tips + real life discussions on everything from international travel to self-care and mental health. When she’s not writing for her blog, you can find her practicing yoga + hanging out with her pitbull pup, Maddie, at their home in Southern California. Her cookbook, Homestyle Vegan, is available wherever books are sold!

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Blog post on Planning a Plant-based Wedding

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Watch Amber’s Wedding Video



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