Anita Cheung: Social Yoga & Moment Meditation

Vancouver is filled with inspiration. Ever since I returned home last April, I continue to feel moved, encouraged and empowered by the incredible amount of community, courage and support that surrounds me. It’s almost like the Vancouver entrepreneur scene is on fire (is this a global thing?!) Anita Cheung is exactly that, on fire. Known for her work with The Social Yoga (which she founded), Anita is this beautiful ball of energy whose hair is always decked out in a vibrant and epic colour. I was so happy to share my podcast space with her and have her over to talk about who she really is, what is beneath these vibrant hair colours and what drives her forward. It was an amazing conversation and i’m grateful to call Anita a friend. Also, you will hear about her new project, Moment Meditation- in this episode. So, stay tuned for details and be sure to check out their various social media platforms to find out more! The official and exciting launch party is THIS Thursday!


Anita is the founder of Social Yoga aka Not Your Every Day Yoga, a Vancouver based initiative developed to counter the fast-food culture of yoga as well as a brand new meditation concept called Moment Meditation. Anita is also a Lululemon Ambassador and influencer in the Vancouver health and wellness community. She draws inspiration from her own experiences in mental health, and a passionate search for community and connection in a busy city like Vancouver. This lady is never short of ideas and stays busy by creating new concepts and exciting collaborations with the passionate people and businesses around her. Her retreats include the hashtags #yogagoescamping #yogagoeskiing and #witchyweekend. Anita has also worked with Girlvana, a girl’s retreat model founded by Alex Mazerolle.



  • What brought Anita to yoga
  • What is Social Yoga
  • Why yoga is not about yoga
  • How yoga changed Anita’s life
  • Anita’s story of depression and anxiety
  • Meditation!
  • What is moment meditation
  • How Anita approaches challenge now versus when she was younger
  • What brought Anita to meditation- what it’s like to hit rock bottom
  • Advice on how to get started with entrepreneurial dreams and visions
  • Let’s talk about relationships! How important are relationships to Anita
  • Timing and changing perspectives on “how much time we have”





Social Yoga Website

Social Yoga Instagram

Social Yoga Facebook

Moment Meditation

Moment Meditation Instagram


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