Bree Melanson: Spiritual Medium

 Better late than never, right? I apologise for the delay- I just couldn’t help but really truly enjoy my time in Europe and soak up the experiences (with limited wifi on the journey). But we are back! And what a way to return! Bree Melanson. This beauty is such a divine soul and a joy to chat with. After being told by several friends in Vancouver to get in touch- I reached out to Bree and after some divine intervention, we connected. It was perfect timing as I had JUST finished my weekend course in Whistler to become a Professional Intuitive with Dr. Divi and Lynnette Brown- so I was all ready and open to have this chat. We go through a lot of different topics in this episode including what intuition is, what the law of attraction is and how an intuitive healing session might sound/look like (I play guinea pig for you). It’s a good one, hope you love it. There is a lot of healing to be had here, ladies and gentlemen. Love! Thank you for sharing so authentically, Bree.


Bree is a celebrated psychic and medium making her mark on the all-things-esoteric world. She’s putting the ‘chic’ in psy-chic and making it more accessible to everyone; sharing spiritual straight-talk and direct channeled messages from light beings on how to unfold potential, individually and collectively.

Psychic since she was a child and self-help industry obsessed as an adult, she has merged the two worlds to help others create their own slice of heaven.  Bree is teaching people how to break through their roadblocks, rearrange the mess the ego has made and ultimately, lead with the soul.

The depth of her work is unparalleled; single sessions equate to years of traditional therapy and classes helping people make lifetimes of change through psychological processes and channeled lessons. She offers online courses and international workshops teaching people all around the world how to access their own intuitive gifts and tap into their personal power.







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*Photos by Brittany Gill

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