Brittany Reid |Womb Healing through Loss|

This is a really beautiful episode with a dear friend and fellow holistic nutritionist. When Brittany mentioned a desire to come on the podcast, I immediately had a feeling that it would be a fun, easy and insightful conversation. The truth is, I didn’t really know just how wonderful it would be. Brittany chose this podcast as the place to share a big trauma that she experienced this past year and the movement that she experienced from it. I have known Brittany for a few years now and can certainly say that I am SO excited to see where she is in life right now and the work that she is doing. It was actually really tough to stop talking- we could’ve gone on. We dive deep into the world of womb healing, healing the mother-daughter relationship, women and women in relationships, the spiritual journey inwards and Brittany finally shares her knowledge and passion of mother cacao and ceremonies. It’s a really full and abundant conversation and you will certainly feel like you are on the couch with us!


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