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This episode is guaranteed to leave you laughing and feeling all sorts of love and light inside. It was difficult for me to stop laughing, to be honest. I first heard of Christina when she began her food business, Culver City Salads, a few years back. It wasn’t until I moved back to Vancouver in April that I finally met her at the Trout Lake Farmers Market in Vancouver. We immediately hit it off and I knew that I needed to bring her on the podcast to learn more of her story and hear more about the lady behind the Granny Smith wheels. Christina is a true nurturer- she is incredibly passionate about food and feeding others and her talent speaks through her food. Not only that, she is fun, funny and a joy to be around. I hope you feel like you are sitting in her apartment, with us, enjoying this week’s Conscious Conversation. 


Christina started Culver City Salads in 2012, after shifting her lifestyle to plant-based eating and becoming incredibly passionate about the effects on her health and energy. With a background in hair and fashion (she’s an amazing nail artist too!), Christina’s natural entrepreneurial drive is surely behind everything that she does.

Since beginning, Culver City Salads is now a well-known health business in BC and is home to Granny Smith, the bright green food truck which graces the streets of Vancouver and various markets and festivals throughout the year. It’s her mission to provide the city with a healthy, whole, nourishing meal while creating the smallest impact possible. Culver City Salads work to reduce food waste, repurposing and composting every last bit of trimmings. They use 100% compostable and biodegradable containers and packaging, and source all of their produce from as close to home as possible.




  • Christina talks about what brought her to the plant-based lifestyle
  • Growing up with an environmentally conscious family
  • The importance of sustainability when it comes to conscious business
  • Building a career without the educational background (not going to culinary school)
  • Trusting yourself
  • Building confidence in the kitchen
  • How her relationship with her body has evolved since becoming plant based
  • What it means to have a local and sustainably focused business
  • Being a woman entrepreneur
  • The importance of taking risks



Culver City Salads Website

Culver City Salads Instagram

Culver City Salads Facebook




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