Dr. Divi Chandna: Medical Intuition

You know how I always talk about my medical intuitive? Well, she’s finally here. After many years of being guided and supported by Dr. Divi, I finally have the opportunity to share some of her wisdom and power here on the podcast. She has been instrumental in my growth, my truth, intuition and my sanity (hah) and has really been one of the primary people in teaching me to trust myself and carve my path to happiness. 


Dr. Divi has been a family doctor for 20 years and is the founder of the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine. She is  also an author, international speaker & teacher. Divi is best known here in Vancouver for her work as a trained medical intuitive.

Chandna is also a medical doctor and a mind, body, spirit coach. Dr. Divi  founded The College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine where she teaches on-line & in person workshops on how to self-heal your body and your life.

Dr. Divi is incredibly passionate about the emotional roots of disease and empowering others to find balance, alignment and connection. Dr. Divi is a regular guest on Global News, Shaw TV, Canadian Living and writes for Huffington Post. She also runs an 12-week online program called Ignite the Inner Healer whereby participants learn how to become healing coaches.

SHOWNOTES- The different topics we go through are:

  • Divi’s medical practice history
  • Why Divi decided to transition from being an MD to a Medical Intuitive
  • What the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine is
  • Why Divi got into healing and medicine
  • What is a medical intuitive?
  • How intuitive healing can influence the recovery road with eating disorders
  • How Dr. Divi helped me
  • How can you get in touch with your intuition
  • What is intuitive eating?
  • Is entrepreneurism genetic?
  • Money! How to manage financial stress
  • Family!









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