Dr. Jason Marr: Naturopathic Doctor

I met Jason at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver when he was my teacher! What feels like a million years ago, Jason taught me a few classes including pathology, and nutrition though the lifespan. It has been several years since Jason began teaching at IHN and has quite a group of dedicated students. Jason’s passion for naturopathic medicine is strong and contagious and he is just one of those people that is basically a walking encyclopedia- filled with information in more subjects than one. I must admit that I find his mind intimidating, but there is a warmth and gentle character beneath the surface that makes him also very approachable and kind. One of my favourite parts of this episode is that we don’t only address medical issues- we talk about the holistic approaches and what lies beneath the surface of issues like stress and imbalance.


Dr. Jason Marr graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), in Toronto, ON and is the founder and owner of Evoke Integrative Medicine in Vancouver. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Marr has always complemented his medical education with experiences in competitive sport, politics, and leadership opportunities. Known for his charisma and enthusiasm, Dr. Marr remains devoted to all the communities that have touched him in his life, which stretch across Canada: Dr. Marr is a native of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, but he was transplanted to suburban Toronto (Oakville, ON) early in life. Beginning his academic career at the University of Waterloo, he eventually sought out a broader undergraduate education and experience in Nova Scotia. He returned to live downtown Toronto for 6 years while attending CCNM, and finally home to Vancouver to begin his medical career, where he makes his home in the Kitsilano neighbourhood. Dr. Marr’s wife, Dr. Kristin Marr, MD, is a Paediatric Fellow at BC Children’s Hospital.



  • Jason shares his story of how he got into medicine
  • The connection between sensitivity and medicine
  • What is a naturopath?
  • Why is natural medicine important?
  • What are some similar causes of pain and imbalance?
  • What is the 21st century syndrome?
  • Adrenals and thyroid imbalance- let’s talk about it
  • Diet doesn’t equal nutrition- what does that mean?
  • All about coffee
  • What is Evoke Academy
  • Jason’s opinion on the medical model
  • What Jason does to stay balanced





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