Dr. Marisa Marciano: Herbal Medicine & Naturopath

Marisa is my go-to when it comes to naturopathic medicine and herbs. We met years ago at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (where I did my nutrition certification) and immediately connected- she is basically the most friendly and warmest soul you’ll ever come across. Looking back, I just realised the first time I came into contact with Marisa was when I did my Herbal walk (a necessary field trip of the certification) at the UBC gardens. I remember being so inspired and curious- when Marisa had us all sit with a herb we felt drawn to. A plant meditation, obviously I was hooked. I now go to Marisa for any imbalances and refer everyone I know to her- especially when it comes to herbs, tinctures and anything handmade.



Marisa is a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Herbalist, and Professor of Herbal Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and the Institute of Holistic Nutrition here in Vancouver. Marisa is seriously passionate about the healing qualities of nature and plants and hertreatment strategies focus strongly on nutrition & lifestyle counselling, alongside individualized phytotherapy.

Dr. Marciano is not only an expert in Nutrition & Phytotherapy, but also a passionate educator who empowers both her students and her patients with an approach to wellness that emphasizes healing techniques that are inherently in tune with Nature.

Dr. Marciano is an avid herbal medicine maker who loves expanding her herbal medicine cabinet by experimenting with the blending of new teas, tinctures, lotions, balms and brandies all handmade. Marisa is quite literally the lady you go to when you are in need of some herbal magic, natural wisdom and products made with Mother Nature’s help.



  • What brought her to herbal medicine
  • Learning from her grandmother
  • Why naturopathic medicine
  • What is naturopathy?
  • What is herbal medicine?
  • What are tinctures, balms
  • The history of medicine
  • The power of plants
  • The different actions of pharmaceuticals
  • Why it’s important to not compare herbs to drugs
  • Why the whole plant is so different to isolated properties
  • Marisa’s protocols and approach to: stress, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, eating disorders




Get a copy of her Book (Botanical Medicine Textbook)





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