Emily Nolan of Pretty Brave

So when it came time to find a guest for this week’s episode, I knew it was time to bring on my bestie, sister and inspirational lady, Emily Nolan. Emily and I go way back (well, actually we’ve known each other for just over a year) and are soul connected sistas. We first met on an island in Greece (with Cheryl Strayed) and have since traveled on a cruise with celebrities and to Costa Rica together- to expand the movement towards body love, body freedom and total vulnerability. Since meeting Emily, my own dedication to my mission has grown and I know that it has something to do with all the beautiful things she is up to in this world. I love her dearly, and I know you will too.



Emily is a writer, speaker, model and the founder of EmilyNolan.com and the NFP Topless Yoga. Emily is known in the health and wellness space for her bravery as she graces the covers of magazines and articles embracing the natural curves and shapes of her body. Emily started her business under the name ‘My Kind of Life’ after under-going her own body image transformation and Nolan publicly speaks about her journey through 10 years of disordered eating, plastic surgery, body dysmorphic disorder and shame.

Emily holds space for her community through social media projects like #healthybellieselfie where she inspires women (and men) to face their limiting fears and live their lives, topless. By running topless, doing yoga topless and hosting retreats, topless- Emily helps lead a powerful movement into true body acceptance and vulnerability.



  • Emily tells us the truth of her story: plastic surgery, eating disorders, body dismorphic disorder, modeling
  • Emily talks about the adventure series she created called Pretty Brave
  • What is our definition of beauty? The cultural norm of beauty and standards of beauty and questioning it
  • Emily describes her journey as a model
  • We talk about Emily’s relationship with her Mum and how it changed- the role a mother plays in our lives
  • We discuss what body shaming is and how to get out of it
  • What vulnerability is
  • We talk about what sisterhood is
  • Moments and experiences that catch us in our story





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