Jacqueline Parker: Beauty Reawakened & Green Beauty Collective

The first time I met Jacqueline, I was in her family kitchen preparing one of my favourite Kale Salads (recipe in my book, Living in Light) for some friends and family. Looking back, it feels like another lifetime ago, as Jacqueline was just starting out in what is now an amazing and thriving business. Jacqueline had an immediate curiosity and determination. Since then, Jacqueline has been my go-to lady for any events, including my wedding, and all photo shoots. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, letting you shine naturally and doing it all while nourishing your skin and body.


Jacqueline is a powerhouse when it comes to entrepreneurism and vision manifesting. Formally trained in Beauty School, Jacqueline is honest about her transition from conventional make-up to green beauty and now stands strong in her beliefs and her authentic underlying message in true, raw beauty. From time in the film industry working with prosthetic’s to working 1 on 1 with skin care companies, Jacqueline has extensive experience in the industry and is well known and trusted in her community.

Instead of caking her clients and her own face in layers of make-up, Jacqueline inspires others to classically complement their natural gifts with toxin-free, high energy products- and this is something that really drew me to her and her business.





  • Jacqueline shares what brought her into beauty and make-up
  • What inspired the transition from conventional to green beauty
  • What it’s like to make the transition as a makeup artist and the fears that come up when you go against the grain
  • Growing up in ballet and a child’s definition of beauty
  • We talk about the true meaning of beauty
  • Dealing with self-doubt and believing in yourself
  • The various toxins to look out for in makeup products
  • Some of Jacqueline’s favourite natural brands that actually work
  • Entrepreneurism- feeling the fear and doing it anyway (without business school to back you)
  • We chat about experiencing that moment in a brides’ life




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Integrating toxin free cosmetics into my life has brought to my attention how important it is to be conscious and aware of the products one brings into their household and puts on their body. Yes, it is important to eat organic food, shop local and get regular exercise, but what happens at the end of the day when we are washing that all away with a body wash full of harsh and toxic chemicals? My hope is to guide women through their own cosmetic revolution starting with the heart and inspiring them with kindness and creativity. Beauty Reawakened all began when I decided to take my first steps in becoming a game changer in the cosmetic industry. Passing on my knowledge, experience and words of wisdom to women all over the world as I aspire to be their influencer, inspiration and beauty guru.


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