Jaisri Lambert on Ayurveda

I am super duper excited to have my teacher, Jaisri Lambert on the podcast today to talk about all things Ayurveda. I first met Jaisri the day I walked into her classroom to study Ayurveda in Holistic Nutrition and have since continued to go to her for anything and everything Ayurvedic. One of the greatest gifts of this podcast is that it offers me the permission to directly and outwardly asks questions that we may not ask in a safe and secure environment- and I (and we, together) get to learn the life stories of people we are oftentimes silently curious about. And here it is: Jaisri Lambert’s story.



Jaisri Lambert has been practicing and teaching natural therapies since l983 after her own debilitating migraine headaches kindled her interest in alternative therapies. Her exploration led her first to Polarity Therapy, in which she became certified in 1985. As interest and demand for natural healing classes increased, Jaisri founded the Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School, teaching innovations in Polarity Therapy internationally.

In 1989 she met renowned Ayurvedic physician and author Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, B.A.M.S., MA.Sc. in Victoria, B.C., an event that deeply influenced her life. “Healing is love plus intelligence”, Dr. Lad taught, validating Jaisri’s experience that spirituality and physical life are not separate. Jaisri’s other important teachers include Dr. T. Sukumaran of Kerala and Dr. Robert E. Svoboda of Texas, both respected and beloved Ayurvedic physicians.

Jaisri has authored many articles and training manuals in Ayurveda and Turiya Therapy, and travels internationally to introduce the theory and practice of this ancient wisdom to delighted students of all levels.



– Jaisri tells us her story (and very politely corrects me on the intro of her program in India)
– Jaisri describes what brought her to Ayurveda and her own health imbalances (migraines) and takes us through the shift that took place from conventional medicine to natural healing
– What is ayurveda? Jaisri describes what ayurveda is and explains the various capacities of the wisdom
– Health imbalances and how to approach with ayurveda
– We talk about the flavours and qualities of food and how each attributes to health
– holistic health and dealing with the cause/underlying issue
– observational diagnostic and assessment in ayruveda: face, eyes, tongue, skin,
– what is a dosha?
– Diet and what is an ayurvedic diet?
– Jaisri tells us of her first trip to India
– Her journey from religion (catholicism) to Ayurveda
– The concept of universality
– We talk about the importance of a guide/mentor
– Who is Vasant Lad?
– Interfility and limiting beliefs– what are karmas?
– PMS and menstruation (the red tent) and sacred rituals of birth and menstruation in ayurveda
– what is consciousness?
– relationships with women- judgment, comparison









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