Jamie Gonzalez: Consciousness & Duality

Jamie Gonzalez! This man is a breath of fresh air and really profound when it comes to speaking truth and catching you in a story. I actually came across Jamie over 2 years ago when I was living in Dubai. I remember seeing a post of his on instagram and immediately feeling like I needed to connect with him. Before I knew it I was one of Jamie’s clients and was being guided into this space of living limitlessly. Jamie has a way of really get into the truth very quickly. When I heard Jamie on my friend Maddy Moon’s podcast “Mind Body Musings Podcast” a few weeks ago- I knew I had to get Jamie on Conscious Conversations and share his energy, vibe and love with you. This is both a fun, insightful, deep and thought-provoking episode. I promise you, you will finish this episode transformed in some way (and the ripple effect will begin to occur). 

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In Jamie’s voice:

“I speak, write and mentor about living our truth. I absolutely love supporting people in moving through limitations so they can feel empowered to live the life they love and come to know who they truly are. At a young age, I discovered a had a passion for life and living it without the limitations so many of us experience. I like to see the possibilities and go for them whilst sharing the journey of awakening to our infinite self. I bring everything back to the moment. Thus, people may follow what they truly feel moved to do and be the person they feel to be- regardless of circumstances. I support people in getting themselves out of the way, letting go of fear, and living limitlessly.”





Work with Jamie

Jamie’s episode on Mind Body Musing’s Podcast



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