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So by now you have probably figured out that I love conversations. I love the flow of energy, I love the natural connections that take place when we allow ourselves to go there and be authentic and most of all- I love witnessing all of the reflections around the world. This week’s episode is with my Mum, Jan Elgar. It was about time that I brought a family member on- to really get into the light of family truth. Lately, I have really inspired and proud of my Mum for putting herself out there and embrace her intuitive passion through her art. For the past 4-6 months she has been painting up a storm and her apartment is covered in stunning, light and bright canvases. To celebrate- she’s here to chat about just that, her life, her story and our experiences together. Get ready for truth, love and discussion around what it’s like to be my Mum and live as a mother to a daughter with eating disorders. Another one you can’t miss.


Jan is an incredibly wise, artistic and well-traveled woman. A true lady of the arts, she has worked as an art and music teacher in both England and Malaysia in the International School Systems. After retiring several years ago, she has truly embraced her spiritual path, indulging in many different forms of spiritual practice including tarot, numerology and the enneagram, reiki, universal philosophy and musical expression.

No matter where she is in the world, Jan is surrounded by beauty. She has the incredible gift of art and design and is better than anyone I know at creating light and warmth in a space. I must admit, a lot of my own spiritual ways have developed from my own resistance and osmosis.



– Jan takes us through her life story and her attraction to beauty, harmony, art and music

– What brought her to her spiritual path

– Jan tells us about growing up and going to school in England and what it was like teaching art in England

– She talks about spending time with children and how much she enjoyed being in their energy (and how draining it can be)

– Talks about a new episode in her life: meeting her 2nd husband (my Dad) and huge shifts that took place, leaving England and moving to Canada

– The lessons she learnt in this new experience and meeting her shadow for the first time (challenges)

– Moving to Malaysia and being on her own without family support

– Starting to work in Kuala Lumpur and how much she loved her job, working through the resistance around choir and singing

– Shares the challenges of living overseas, how international school community becomes family and how you adjust

– How living overseas causes you to pull away from family– learning how to move on

– Where she is now: painting, trauma, challenge, transitions in life

– Jan talks about how all of the experiences led to a deep desire to explore her spiritual being

– How her painting has evolved and where she is now with her paintings

– We talk about authentic art and expression, relating writing to painting

– Painting for yourself, doing art for yourself, creating for yourself- and the importance of this

– We explore what it means to be committed and honour your work

– Connecting with others by channeling intuition

– Bright and bold colours in Jan’s paintings and the transmission of the divine feminine energy

– Jan talks about her time in Malta

– The dynamics of feminine and masculine energy and how gender is both

– Money and energy– we talk about how money shows up and resistance around it

– Choosing that you are worthy enough of passion and joy and understanding what control is

– Understanding and noticing reactions and being able to sit with it, being still

– What it takes and means to be a conscious being vs being human

– Jan tells us about her experience with body image issues, lack of self-worth, being nervous and anxious

– Losing her power to fear

– How important it is to have freedom of expression, ways to communicate and find your tribe of support

– Jan’s experience having a daughter with eating disorders as a mother

– Women and judgement, comparison, jealousy– where does it come from?

– Understanding how and why conflict is necessary

– Subconscious shifting in family and loved ones

– We round it up with final thoughts and spirit animals



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