Jess Robson: LuluLemon Ambassador


Jess is one of those girls that immediately has you feeling comfortable, wild, adventurous and loved. She has a very strong presence about her, which of course lends to all of the things that she does. I think one of the reasons why Jess is successful is because she really is that girl-next-door and a lot of her story is incredibly relatable. My favourite part of this interview is that when you meet someone Jess the immediate assumption is that something along the lines of “this girl has got her shit together”. So, it’s really humbling and grounding when Jess opens up to share a little bit of where she comes from and what she’s been through. This was a really special episode to record and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing so bravely, Jess. 




















Jess is a freelance writer living in Vancouver BC. Known for her lively and rambunctious personality, Jess is an ambassador for Lulu Lemon (Robson store) who spends her days immersed in the world of words. Working for leading hospitality groups and the much loved local leading purveyor of stretchy pants for years, Jessica learned the value of listening and the power it has to connect you to what someone is truly saying or requesting. Coupling that with a love of language, a passion for story-telling and a gut-deep desire to help others express their own experiences, value and offerings to the world- Jess helps individuals bring their light into language, businesses and entrepreneurs speak their value-  not just their product or service- into existence and groups connect with one another from a true, real and authentic place.

An Alberta native, Jess grew up with her own pain story- parents’ divorcing at the young and awkward age of 15, which came along with it’s own bag of body image issues, personal confidence dips and the disconnection from self. Through a yoga teacher training with Ryan Leire and the One Yoga community- and now working alongside Alex Mazerolle in her Girlvana and Ladyvana retreats, Jess found (and continues to follow) her purpose and mission.



  • Jess dives into her story and gives us a snapshot of where she fell off her path as a girl
  • Being a child of separation and divorce and how it impacted Jess
  • Why it’s important to be unique and embrace who you are as opposed to shape-shifting and blending into what you think people want
  • Jess shares her eating disorder and body image story
  • The binge and purge, starvation cycle
  • What happens when you try to do it all
  • Using activities and being “busy” to cover and hide from underlying pain
  • The importance of falling apart and surrendering
  • The role of parents and children being reversed
  • Cultural roots- when Jess started to connect with her Scandinavian roots
  • Every body is meant to be unique
  • Yoga and weight lifting for balance and sanity
  • The importance of going into the friction and the only way out is through










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