Zach & Ryan: The Juice Truck

I was so excited to record this episode and it really is a wonderful representation of the guests today. Zach Berman and Ryan Slater, aka The Juice Truck Boys– are two of Vancouver’s best and well-known entrepreneurs. Before meeting them, I had always known of them from trying their juices, seeing their truck around town and reading all about them in Vancouver’s various publications. When I moved back to Vancouver from Dubai and finally met them, it was like I was being introduced to old friends. Since meeting, Ryan and Zach have been so generous, loving and supportive and I am so grateful for them. Just a few days before recording this episode I was in their space, hosting the launch party of my book, Living in Light. A quick disclaimer- in true entrepreneur fashion, I decided to wing it with a round-table discussion (more than 1 guest) and it was such a beautiful day that we decided to record this episode outside. Needless to say, it is not as clear and quiet as a standard recording space, however I believe that it adds to the fun and light energy of the JT boys style. Apologies if the sound causes any issues. I hope you enjoy it!



Zach and Ryan founded The Juice Truck in 2011, after being friends since they were 15 years old- and it all started as a truck here in Vancouver as the first cold-pressed Juicery.

The business was inspired after a year long back-packing adventure through Nepal and India. While traveling, Zach and Ryan were really interested in the mobile juice carts of India and Nepal.

Since opening in 2011- The Juice Truck has grown and now has it’s very own store (where we are right now), home to an incredible community space, delicious food, epic smoothies and of course the renowned juices. Zach and Ryan are serious boys-next-door and always make you feel at home when you’re in their presence. The Juice Truck is an active part of the community and host and co-host sustainable events including: Mindful Movie Night (along with Erin Ireland and Stretch Vancouver), Mama Mondays and more.



  • Zach and Ryan tell the story of their friendship
  • Why they started the business and what inspired them
  • How to do partnership in business and staying balanced
  • Where is the cold-pressed juice industry going?
  • Why Plant based living
  • Entrepreneurism
  • The shift to plant based living
  • Organic vs non-organic and the details of the industry
  • Travelling to India and Nepal
  • Boys and body-image







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