Kate Horsman: Holistic Nutritionist & Dancer

Kate Horsman. What a beautiful woman. The first time I met this lady was when I had first moved back to Vancouver and was visiting the Juice Truck to grab my monthly order of vegan cheese from Blue Heron Cheese. You see, Kate was doing the same thing and came up to say hello. The moment I met her, I knew that she was not only a bad-ass, but also that she had a story that would connect to mine, and that we would no doubt become friends. Since then, we’ve found ourselves in similar spaces and at many events- and I continuously had the same thought come up, “I need to get this lady on the podcast”. And so here she is. This is such a raw and brave story– Kate really gets honest and authentic in what it was like to be a ballerina at such a young age and how her story had to shift in order to save her from the darkness of her eating disorder. Another amazing episode. Hope you love it!




Kate is a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Foods Chef. She is passionate about being able to help people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life, what she refers to as Rebel Health, living outside of the box, astray from the norm. Having your cake and eating it too. Working to inspire, encourage, educate to create change within the world of nutrition and how we treat diseases through food to help you create the life you want, with your best body in the process. She believes that to get us to where we want to go we must look at… change, food, and movement, the benefit = the glow.

A born Vancouverite with some worldly experience, that has brought her to this most meaningful place today, now. Ballet dancer turned model, designer and entrepreneur. Trained Clinical Counselor and now Nutritionist and holistic chef. Her training is vast, but not nearly as extensive the life lessons she attributes for both finding her purpose, success and healing. “It is our darker shadows that create the most beautiful light” Utilizing every day, even the hard ones, to be the best you in this beautiful body we get to wear.

Kate works with a variety of clients from private practice to workshop and retreat. She specializes in Women’s Health, Body Image/Eating Disorders, Plant Based Nutrition and Athletics.








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