Larry Li of Meditation Swerve

It’s as if each week we dive deeper into the conversation, episode 6 is with a dear friend and wonderful practitioner, Larry Li. Larry and I first met when we attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition for the full-time program to become Certified Nutritional Practitioners here in Vancouver. This episode recording was not only inspiring, it was also a fun reunion for us both. In the comforts of Larry’s beautiful meditation studio, we explore Larry’s health journey and talk about riveting topics such as resistance to meditation, meditation to heal cancer, and the destructive effects of anxiety on health. Larry bravely tells us his story including stress, cancer, anxiety and more.



Larry is a true advocate of authenticity and is best known for his work in meditation. Li is passionate about mental, physical and spiritual health and is inspired through his own journey of overcoming an autoimmune disease, cancer and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Larry has spent the past nine years researching and learning effective techniques and therapies for self-healing and self-realisation.

His work includes Ayurvedic Consultations with Holistic Nutrition, body work and a concept which he refers to as “Meditation for the rest of us”.

Larry’s dedication to spreading awareness and education around meditation is illustrated through his incredible book, Meditation Swerve, which you can download through his website



  • Larry tells his story growing up in Taiwan
  • Talks about anxiety and the relationship to growing up with childhood obesity, obsessive compulsive disorder and bullying
  • Larry tells us why he thinks emotion and anxiety created the chronic health imbalances he developed
  • We talk about the emotional root of disease
  • Why meditation?
  • Fading mind symptoms with meditation
  • Having cancer and the relationship to anxiety
  • The burden of the “external checklist” we all carry around with the things we want to do
  • Approaching meditation with curiosity and no expectations
  • Larry tells us how he found out that he had tumorous cells in his lung.
  • His relationship and experience with existential thinking and thoughts
  • Instant gratification and where it comes from- the quick fix
  • What is meditation swerve? Larry tells us about his book
  • How Larry works with clients- what is health model looks like








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