Lauren Toyota: Hot For Food

Ok, so here’s the deal: I love Lauren Toyota. I can’t help it. From the moment I came across her youtube channel and started watching her recipe videos and following her recipes- I felt so connected not only to what she was creating but also to who she is. It wasn’t long before I realised that I used to watch her on MuchMusic back in the day and also loved her for her quirky style and honesty on camera. It’s just a real special moment for me to be able to share this conversation with you and to have been able to share such a special conversation with Lauren. Not only does she have over 100,000 subscribers on youtube and Instagram, but she also is a prominent influencer in Canada and it’s all for doing what she loves. Also, she just so happens to be quite the popular one in the vegan community- if you’ve watched her youtube videos (especially the recipe challenges with her partner, John) you’d know why. 

In this episode we talk about it all- her experiences on MuchMusic, what it was like beginning Hotforfood, becoming vegan, John becoming vegan, her upcoming cookbook, her spiritual practice- and everything in between. I can proudly say that I fully feel like Lauren is now a best friend (I hope so!) and I hope you feel this too, at the end of this episode. So much love to you Lauren- you are amazing! 



As one of Canada’s most recognisable media voices, Lauren has made a name for herself as an inspirational, influential voice of a generation. With armies of social audiences hanging on her every word, Lauren is now living the dream as her very own modern day media outlet having seamlessly transitioned from close to 10 years as a national television host on MuchMusic and MTV Canada to independent, self-made content producer for 2 successful YouTube channels. Her fans say she’s one of the most real YouTubers out there as they eagerly await her weekly vlogs, LaurenIn Real Life, and foodie fans are binging on recipe videos from her popular cooking channel, hot for food, that delivers an approachable attitude toward the vegan lifestyle. From YouTube to Twitter to Snap Chat, Lauren is connecting with hundreds of thousands of combined followers, fans, and subscribers and bringing a new level of authenticity to the digital realm.





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