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Lisa Lister. Whaaat? I know, right? The author of Witch, Love Your Lady Landscape and Code Red– Lisa is certainly a trail blazer in this lifetime of witch work. This episode is perfect timing for me (and hopefully for you) as Lisa has led the way in a lot of ways of what it means to stand in the ‘witch’ word and what it means to hold all pieces of yourself. Lisa is the master of words (she is a journalist too), a matriarch and stands strong in the work that she does. She’s a lovely person to chat to on the theme of ‘witch’ simply because she adds a lot of heart, light and kindness to the subject. Whether you feel connected to your inner witch or this whole subject is new (and possibly a source of discomfort), I encourage you to check this episode out and join me as I dive in with Lisa. 



Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa Lister is a writer, menstrual, fertility + reproductive health practitioner and SHE guide. Lisa is dedicated to healing the wounds of the feminine, to retelling herstory and helping women rediscover their magic.






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