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As soon as I knew that I would spending the week before my wedding in Calgary- I knew I had to get together with Maria Koutsogiannis for a podcast episode. Ever since I first read her blog post called Don’t Think About it Too Much– I knew that Maria was someone that I would connect with. I’m pretty sure one of the first things that Maria told me was “hey, i’m super weird”. I was in. Just one glance at Maria’s website or instagram and you know that she is crazy passionate, hard working and confident. Maria is one of those ladies that I am happy for young girls to look up to because yes she’s beautiful and has a rocking body- but she is also incredibly open and honest about how it’s not always rainbows and butterflies and she is doing it all because she loves herself- not to change who she is. That is amazing. I think you guys are gonna love her!



Maria is a Certified Nutritionist, fitness enthusiast and Greek kitchen goddess. After being diagnosed with IBS in 2014, Maria turned to her roots and holistic health literature to heal her body. Maria learnt how to cook from her talented mother growing up, and her trips to Greece every year instilled a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for food and life.

Since starting Food by Maria, she has passionately grown her platforms, created an abundance of beautiful recipes and shared her wisdom and interests in a beautiful way. I remember the first time I caught sight of Maria, when I saw her on CTV Calgary leading an initiative to get food and materials to the people who had been affected by the fires in Fort McMurray. I have since been really inspired by Maria’s dedication and hard-work ethic. One look at her IG account or website and you can tell that she really loves what she does and puts a lot of work and thought into each recipe.







  • Maria dives into her background health story
  • Maria talks about growing up as a figure skater and living with body dismorphia
  • Her eating disorder story
  • Moving through an IBS diagnosis
  • How her Greek family and background influenced eating and recipe developments
  • Why it’s important to work-out in Maria’s life
  • The importance of knowing yourself







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Read Maria’s Write up of this episode on her blog here


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