It’s Time to Tell My Story Part 1

Ok guys, I’m going to keep this pretty simple.

This episode has been a long time coming. I explain it in the intro- but lets just say I’ve been getting the guidance to share like this for a while- and finally it’s here. This past weekend, my bestie, Melanie Emlyn, and I got together at my family ranch in Alberta and we recorded an interview. Mel guest-hosted, and took me deep into the story of my life. This ended up being a 3 hour recording- so it is going to be in 2-3 parts. This is part 1.
Topics include:

  • growing up in Malaysia
  • Living in an expat family
  • Having eating disorders and my ENTIRE journey through that
  • Running away from intuition
  • Experience spirit as a child and night terrors
  • Stepping into my work as a psychic
  • Living in duality of the perfect child and a rebel/mysterious
  • My biggest pain point in life
  • Friendships/relationships
  • How I got to where I am now
  • The beginning of Chloe’s Countertop
  • Living in Dubai and what brought me there (and made me leave)
  • and more…..

If you have any questions or would like to reach out about your story or connect- please do email me at

I AM HERE for you.



Chloe xo

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