Natalies Miles: The Psychic Upgrade

This is an exciting episode! Natalie Miles is not only a good friend (soul sister) but she is also a business partner and the other half of my new and celebrated dinner series in Vancouver, The Witchery. In this episode we really dive into spirit and the divine and Natalie vulnerably shares her story of how she got to doing what she is doing today. The thing about seeing people where they are and doing what they love is that sometimes we can go into comparison and feel like they have everything ‘easy’ compared to us. The thing that changes this experience is by hearing their story. What they had to move through to get to this space and step in. Natalie shares that version of her journey with us today. And of course, at the end we discuss our upcoming retreat, Light Up! You don’t want to miss it! Whether you are interested and intruiged by spirit and your relationship to the divine- this is for you. 


Natalie is an experienced Psychic Medium offering Psychic Readings, Mediumship to reconnect with loved ones who have passed, Past Life Regressions & Intuitive Life Coaching. Natalie is passionate about helping others- illuminating the light on people’s true life paths and finding their soul’s purpose.

It’s her mission to bring psychic work into the 21st century and break down the stereotypes that it’s not all crystal balls, beaded curtains and bad smelling incense! She has grown up with a connection to spirit and as a young child was taught to listen to her intuition and inner voice. Originally from England, working with spirit has helped Natalie develop her natural abilities to read emotions and situations of those around her. She works with a combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship and past life knowledge during her readings. She uses her gifts from spirit to help give guidance, clarity, knowledge and to empower others on a deep intuitive level.







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