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Nicole Bridger. What a gem. This is a really powerful episode, guys. Nicole started her business and working in fashion at quite a young age and she has created and done quite a lot (including owning a clothing factory!) This episode is really inspiring because Nicole really goes there and shares a lot about the rises and falls of owning an ethical fashion company and how it has impacted her personal and professional life. We also cover conscious consumerism, ethical fashion and what Nicole believes are the most important issues. Lately, Nicole has been diving into the her intuition and the spiritual space and it has brought a new light to how she approaches her life and business- it’s amazing. I hope you love this episode. 


Nicole is a designer, mother and entrepreneur. Nicole graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto and went on exchange in 3rd year to London to intern with Vivienne Westwood, where she learnt that she could sue the clothing as a platform for whatever change she wanted to be a part of. When Nicole returned to Vancouver, she started a casual eco wear line with Lululemon’s Chip Wilson, Oqoqo.

In 2006, Nicole started Nicole Bridger out of the basement of her parent’s home in Kerrisdale. It all began with a few machines and a cutting table- and Nicole doing all her own patterns, samples, marketing and sales. From Kitsilano to Gastown, the brand has been an extension of Nicole for many years and is known in Vancouver as a leader of the sustainability and eco movement.








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