Patrick Ryan: Hypnotherapist

It was just a few weeks ago when I received an email from Patrick’s personal assistant, filled with really beautiful and kind words, complimenting the podcast and my work. When she voiced her desire for me to meet Patrick and explore a possible collaboration with him, I felt an inner “yes” arise. I’m so glad I did. This podcast is the second conversation I have had with Patrick (one recorded, one not) and as I’m sure you will understand, we can certainly talk forever. Patrick has unlimited experiences and stories and his life is truly interesting and intriguing. There is so much beauty in his work and why he is doing what he is doing and I can’t wait to share this insightful conversation. The truth is, I was pretty hesitant towards hypnotherapy when his PA first approached me, and what I came to realise when Patrick shared his work, is that I/we are in one of these states various times and the resistance is more around the mainstream delivery of it. Stay tuned for more in this episode, hope you love it!


Patrick Ryan is an internationally renowned executive coach, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, and founder of Vancouver Coaching and Awakened Wisdom Experiences.

He specializes in leading vision quests, leadership development coaching, Leadership and Certified Advanced Coach Training Programs, and one-on-one coaching for people as they face the challenges of these demanding times.

Patrick’s latest book, *Awakened Wisdom– A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance* is an international bestseller in the highly competitive spirituality category and endorsed by Marci Shimoff, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Patrick brings twenty-five years of proven experience working with the private sector and executives worldwide. Patrick’s techniques call upon his intuition, the wisdom of ancient traditions from around the world and a wealth of training in the systems of coaching, relationship coaching and study of the Enneagram to help deepen his clients’ understanding of their own experiences.

He has been a senior trainer for the Coaches Training Institute in Coaching and Leadership Development Program for over 10 years. Certified as a co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute, he has accumulated over twenty-five hundred hours of one on one, group and team coaching experience.





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