Rachelle Giardin: Beyond Nourished

Rachelle Girardin. Wow, what a pleasure it is to share this episode with you. Rachelle and I have known each other for over 4 years now and have been connected in various ways. The first time I heard of Rachelle was when I had just started Chloe’s Countertop and someone had told me that I should get in touch with Rachelle. It was soon after that we met and we collaborated, supported and took on this entrepreneur journey together. The timing of this episode is absolutely wonderful, seeing that it is International Women’s Day today and Rachelle and I are both at a place in our lives and our business where we are truly embracing the topic of supporting women, community and the divine feminine. This is such a vulnerable, powerful and insightful conversation. From holistic weight-loss (and what that actually means), to running a business, to hiring a business coach and investing in yourself- it is filled with goodness. Hope you love it!

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Rachelle believes that our struggles are the very thing that shape us into the divine beings we’re meant to be.  “It’s hard to admit that my journey to Holistic Nutrition came through a vicious eating disorder, countless restrictive diets, and an internal voice so cruel it would put any mean girl to shame.  I hit a breaking point, and the only option was to end my life or begin to heal my relationship with food and my body.  There is nothing one-dimensional about this kind of healing.  It’s spiritual, physical, emotional and it has to be intentional. My desired endgame? More women parading through life confident, radiant and real!

Rachelle is a Holistic Nutritionist and Chef and owner of Beyond Nourished.  She is looking to connect with women who have been challenged by their relationship with food; everything from cooking to meal planning to weight loss. Rachelle’s education includes a diploma in Holistic Nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver (where she now teaches) and multiple 200-hour certifications in Yoga, one of which is from The Yandara Yoga Academy in Baja, Mexico in 2008.









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