Rachel Ricketts | Death Doula & Intuitive Grief Coach

Hello beauties!

Happy Tuesday! This week’s episode is with Rachel Ricketts who is an intuitive grief coach and death doula. This was such an important conversation and I will say that I felt very lucky to have Rachel sitting on my couch, telling me her story. This episode is perfect timing, and really explores the topics and themes of time, death, life cycles and spirituality. There are so many topics in the world that we hide from and avoid- and death and grief is certainly a big one. Today, Rachel brings light (and darkness) to this conversation and helps guide us through it with a lot of heart, love and compassion. Thank you Rachel for sharing your story and for choosing to step into this role for the world.


Rachel “RayRay” Ricketts is an intuitive grief coach, death doula and founder of loss&found – an organization supporting folks through loss and grief of all forms. As a loss sur-thriver and self-proclaimed “recovering” lawyer, she’s merged her love of advocacy with her passion for helping others in their most dire time of need, offering one-on-one grief coaching, online support groups, workshops and retreats to help people get from loss, to found. Rachel loves donuts, dancing and all things meta-physical. Catch up with Rachel at www.lossandfoundxo.com or Instagram @lossandfoundxo.







Check out Rachel’s new program: Lightening the Loss

This program begins on November 12th and is an amazing 10-week grief support e-course!

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