The Relationship Project: Jake & Taylor

Hey guys!

We’re switching things up a bit today and having a conversation with a couple- Jake and Taylor Aller. Together, they founded The Relationship Project which is basically a space where they are able to share their passion and help others find balance and light in their relationships. This chat is all about the ‘nitty-grittys’ of a relationship- what makes them easy and challenging and how to insert more ease in there. With personal stories shared and a lot of laughter- this is a really fun episode whether you are in a relationship or not and if you are- get ready for some great tips and strategies. Jake and Taylor were so easy to chat with and I felt really comfortable sharing space with them.


Mr & Mrs Aller, known by their friends as Jake and Taylor, are a Vancouver based power couple. Over the years of their relationship, they’ve seen their share of highs and lows. They believe in marriage and think relationships are delicious–a lot of work–but so very worth it.

Equally as cool and optimistic, they are known to spark a light in the world. People recognize something special about them that goes beyond a normal relationship. Together, they encourage goodness in the world and make it a better place.

Individually driven in their own endeavours, Taylor as an RMT/Writer/Speaker/Educator and Jake advancing in the field of Audio Engineering, they also maintain an active and healthy lifestyle as Professional Hip Hop Dancers.

They’re enthusiastically attracted to giving back and participating in the community and can both agree–the world needs more love. Expanding their positive impact on the world daily, Jake and Tay are all about growth, knowledge, and helping others.







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