Sherry Strong: Sweet Freedom

This is another special episode for me. Sherry Strong is not only an inspiring mentor, she is also a dear friend. I can proudly say that Sherry was the catalyst for me, that pushed me towards really going for it with Chloe’s Countertop, especially in the beginning. The first time I met Sherry was when she came to speak at my school (Institute of Holistic Nutrition). I remember feeling so drawn to her during her talk and from that moment on I made it my life’s mission to work with her. And so I did. From that point till after graduating I assisted her in her classes, wrote content for her businesses, ate many meals together, attended her Holistic Culinary Academy and maintained a beautiful friendship. I am so excited to share Sherry’s story with you today on Conscious Conversations. Thank you for always supporting me, Sherry. 


Sherry Strong has a background as a chef, nutritionist, and food philosopher. She is the Food Coach’s COACH and runs the Return to Food Academy which is an online school dedicated to helping passionate, holistic foodies make a healthy income helping people achieve Sweet Freedom in their relationship with food, their body & the planet.
Sherry has worked with celebrities, elite athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs and billionaires and continues to inspire the community around her through her natural public speaking abilities and her endless passion to cause shift in the world. It is Sherry’s new project, Sweet Freedom Summit, that has her passion on fire and I can’t wait to see what happens next!



  • What brought Sherry to food
  • Sherry shares her food and body image story and how she transformed to half her size
  • Why it’s not always important to get the educational background to get started on a career
  • What is the main challenge young entrepreneurs face?
  • Sherry’s why?
  • Public speaking and why it’s so fun
  • How important is food
  • What is Return to Food? The laws of nature and why we must follow them
  • Sugar addiction
  • Sweet Freedom– Sherry’s new and very exciting project!
  • Sherry shares her biggest fears




Sweet Freedom Summit





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