Solo Episode # 2 | What Happened in Bali Part 1 |

Alright guys, you know what time it is! Solo episode time! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a new episode, and for that I apologise. It turns out that when I was in Bali- I was meant to really just absorb the time of being there and not worry about lugging around a heavy mic and well, take a break. So I did. And now, i’m back and really excited and ready for a new year of Conscious Conversations. I have some pretty AMAZING guests lined up for the year- at least to start, so stay tuned. This episode is interesting in that I tried to record it several times and I kept getting ‘interrupted’ and at first was going to delete and re-record, but that never happened. I suppose, I was meant to put them all together. Truly, my intention was to capture the vibes/energy of Bali and get it all into an episode. And so, I did! This episode I go into some of the stories in Hong Kong and in Bali- the learnings and the insight. So I hope you enjoy it! Happy listening and Happy New Year!!



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