Stefanie Jung: Wholesome Stef

I’m so happy to have Stef on the podcast today! We met a few years ago through Instagram- Stef found me through the company that I was working for in Dubai (Essentially). When she read my story, she realised that we had a lot in common and we got in touch. Stef had me as a guest on her blog back in 2015 (read here) and we continued to stay in touch. I actually also had Stef as a guest on my blog a few years ago, when I briefly did a series called ‘Conscious Conversations’! Check that out here. Since then Stef has moved to Sydney, continued on her health and personal journey and has been and returned from a YTT in India. This is just a really beautiful share and conversation about the highs and lows (and truths) of Stef’s relationship with her body and food and how that has paralleled her internal relationship. Thank you for being so brave Stef!


After her battle with and triumph over anorexia and bulimia, the now passionate health advocate  and holistic health coach Stefanie Jung is helping young girls and women overcome their own struggles. She knows the value of the right mindset when it comes to serious lifestyle change and is using her blog Wholesome Stef to spread this positive message. As a health coach and yoga teacher, she is working on empowering her clients to live their life to the fullest by being the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. It is her goal to help others find their own health equilibrium through sharing her experience, education, lifestyle tips and delicious recipes.







Stef’s Letter to her Younger Self

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