Steph Yu: Happy&Healthy96

I’m so excited for this episode. I actually have been following Steph for quite a while and witnessed her on her travels around the world to Thailand, Australia and Nepal. It wasn’t until she returned home to Vancouver, that I realised we are both from Vancouver! The best part about it all is the week I reached out to her to come on the show, was the same week that we ended up meeting at an event we both attended at our new local vegan pizza spot, Virtuous Pie. Meant to be right? Steph is such a kind soul and we really could’ve chatted for hours. This is a very real conversation, I hope you love it. Thank you for being so brave and authentic, Steph.




For the first time, Steph and I decided to do things a little differently and she read her own biography in first person on the show! It was fun. Let me know what you think!

I am a creative creator, fierce feeler, and lifelong learner. I am just another spiritual being having a human experience, trying to find my place in the world. I am dedicated to the quest of finding my balance, and following my bliss. I am a happiness seeker, dream chaser, and I have an affinity for nature; who also just so happens to be my greatest teacher. I am doing my best as a 20 year old woman brought up in this age of media mayhem, to navigate these tumultuous waters of health, happiness, balance, spirituality and more.

I have a had a colorful past with encounters of meeting the demons in my mind, and struggling with mental health. During those experiences, I always felt, alone, isolated, and truly suffered in silence. It has now become my mission to speak candidly and transparently about my past and present struggles with mental health, to help others realize that they are not alone. I am right there with them, and happy to be there. I do so through my social media platforms.







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