Steve Curtis of Zend Conscious Lounge

You may recognise the name from the Zend Conscious Lounge restaurant review I did several months back. Steve is one of those people that you meet or hear about and experience major curiosity to get to know him more. He is also one of those people that truly has layers and is not “what you see is what you get”. He has experienced what many of us may not even experienced in our entire life and he is not stopping yet (think: Mount Everest). There is something deep within that pushes him forward and inspires his drive- and today I am sharing the intimate conversation that we had all about it. Thank you for sharing your truth and being so open with me Steve. 



Steve Curtis, CEO of the Vancouver businesses Zag Group and the plant-based restaurant, Zend Conscious Lounge is an entrepreneur, published author, business owner and inspirational figure in the Vancouver community. At the young age of 19 he started Zag Group which has since grown to a firm with an estimated 40 million a year in revenue.

In 2005 Steve was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and in his naturally curious and re-search minded way, he focused all of his energy into healing his body through natural medicine. This journey took him around the world and even to the summit of Mount Everest. Steve has authored a book, Healing Terminal and continues to embark on creative and interesting adventures.



  • Steve tells his childhood story
  • Growing up on the sidelines and starting a business at 19 years old
  • Living with a terminal cancer diagnosis at a young age and how he dealt with it
  • Steve talks about where his drive comes from and his why
  • We talk about the relationship between religion and spirituality
  • The relationship between low self worth and state of health
  • How he healed terminal cancer naturally
  • Steve’s choice to summit mount everest
  • His book: Healing Terminal
  • We discuss the adaptogenic herb, Kava and Steve’s product, Zend
  • Steve talks about Zend Lounge, a plant based restaurant in Vancouver







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