It’s Time to Tell My Story Part II


Here is Part II of the episode hosted by my best friend Melanie Emlyn called, It’s Time to Tell My Story. In this part of the episode I share:

  • the journey of moving to Dubai
  • meeting Faris and our relationship
  • my relationship with my Dad
  • healing the eating disorder
  • healing my body relationship
  • stepping into the role as a psychic intuitive
  • facing my fears
  • and rounding up the whole conversation!

It feels so good to share this and really just take the jump. This has been something that i’ve been eager to share for quite some time- in hopes that by sharing pieces of my story I can inspire you on your journey. We are all in it together! If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, please head there now!

*just a heads up, the sound quality is not perfect for this episode. Something happened when we recorded, I think it’s because of the high ceilings in the house and the sound getting lost.

Anyways, it’s a beautiful episode filled with a lot of love, emotion and inspiration. Hope you love it! From my heart, to yours.


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