Timothy Pakron: Mississippi Vegan

If you are a vegan foodie, or really just a foodie, then chances are that you know who Mississippi Vegan is. If you don’t, well, you’re welcome! Timothy Pakron is the lovely Southern man behind the popular Instagram account Mississippi Vegan. I have been following him and his work for over a year and he really is the person I go to when I am in search of beautiful inspiration and some grounding vibes. He is an amazing food stylist, a wild food forager and is really leading the movement towards vegan food art. This episode was so much fun to record and if you are looking for some food photography inspiration, this is the episode for you.

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Timothy is a visual artist, photographer and chef who recently moved back to Mississippi from New York City. Timothy is known by his instagram name, Mississippi Vegan, his stunning food photography and drool-worthy plant-based food. Inspired through his wild foraging style and creative edge, Timothy works as a food stylist, food photographer, recipe developer and pop-up artist. Tim’s cuisine style is identified as cajun, creole, and southern and his Other jobs include working hands on with cookbook authors, menu consulting for restaurants, hosting foraging walks, and teaching students about food styling and photography.

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  • What brought Timothy to a plant-based diet?
  • Why food art? Timothy shares his connection and background in art
  • The first podcast that Timothy ever listened to and how it impacted his journey
  • Timothy shares where he gets his creative inspiration from
  • How important his relationship with his Mom is to him
  • The cookbook process begins!
  • Foraging- where it started, what he does, why he loves it
  • Tim’s non-negotiables to maintain a balanced life
  • Mushrooms- let’s talk about it
  • What food does Tim eat everyday?
  • Tim shares his recipe development process
  • Tim shares some of his life favourites
  • What are some of Tim’s fears (hint: one is to do with his cookbook)
  • Making the decision to leave New York and if it was scary?
  • What role does confidence and self-love play in Tim’s journey




Food Photography Retreat in Hawaii

*Timothy is hosting a food photography retreat in Hawaii in March!

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