Tori Holmes: Nectar Juicery

There’s a few reasons why this is a special episode. Number 1, I was employee #3 when Tori first started Nectar Juicery. Number 2, Tori was a big part of my decision process when I was deciding whether or not to take the jump and move to Dubai. Number 3, Tori is always ready to go “there” and explore the depths of what life is beyond the surface. Number 4, Tori is full of knowledge and inspiration. This is a good one guys! Whether you are interested in holistic nutrition or juicing, rituals or sacred living or you are wanting to know more about entrepreneurism, this is the episode for you! Filled with inspiration and the perfect conversation to celebrate Valentines aka Love Day! 


At the age of 21, Tori crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a 24ft ocean rowing bot and shortly thereafter published her first book, “Crossing the Swell”. Living on freeze dried food for 86 days during the crossing Tori made the connection between nutrition, vitality and human performance. Following her row Tori was inspired to find the keys to vitality for the every day person through nutrition. This journey led her to study Holistic Nutrition and herbology.




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