Tori Swanson: Talk to me Naked

EPISODE 1: TORI SWANSON: Embracing Vulnerability, Being Brave and Facing Anxiety in the Nude

Today, Tori and I celebrate the launch of Conscious Conversations with a raw, real and authentic conversation around body image, body freedom through art and Tori tells her story through eating disorders, anxiety and coming out on the other side. I couldn’t have celebrated this launch with a more perfect person as Tori holds a special place in my life and upon our first meeting we bonded, deeply, through our shared stories. I hope you love it! Please share if you enjoy!


Tori Swanson is an artist, speaker and body-image activist. In Vancouver, Tori hosts beautiful art shows and evenings where she bravely tells her story, and holds space with her abstract  art. An element of Tori’s art shows which sets her apart is her live nude drawings- something that truly speaks to her passion for vulnerability and authenticity.

Tori is incredibly focused on being an inspiration for her friends and family and practicing radical transparency. She really is the girl-next-door, and her humility speaks to how outstanding her artwork truly is. Tori’s abstract paintings are inspired by feelings and colour. She’s able to rid her anxious energy and express herself onto a raw canvas. She draws inspiration from the female body, something which really highlights how important her work in the eating disorder space really is.

Tori received her certificate in Fine Arts from Langara College in 2010. Her struggles with eating disorders are a common theme of her artwork and speaking topics.


– Tori talks about her background and story starting from how she got into art and her experience in going against the grain in choosing an art career over a conventional University degree

Allowing herself to embrace art and the journey of living it as a career versus passion

– A shift that took place in how she felt about her self and her world (travel inspired)

– Diving deep into how Tori developed eating disorders and what her story looked like

– What sets Tori’s art apart- a focus on the nude form and feminine figures that are more voluptuous than skinny and boyish

– Why Tori was drawn to drawing a curvaceous women

– What it’s like to be the artist and holding space for her subjects (making them feel comfortable)

– Breaking through the social barriers that we create around being and feeling perfect and how vulnerable we feel naked

– Being naked in front of strangers versus people who know you and your loved ones

– Differentiating between the ego voice and your inner voice

– Meditation and how it has helped Tori in her practice

– Tori talks about her hardest times with an eating disorder and how it stopped her from living

– We discuss what it was like for our family to deal with our eating disorders and our Mother’s experiences

-Tori talks about one of her most difficult moments when she was living in NYC alone, working and was deep in her eating disorder and depression

– We go into more detail on what it was like for our Mothers and how they dealt with the illness

– We talk about how eating disorders have little to nothing to do with food 

– Tori discusses her Instagram account @NudesbyTori and what happened with is (hint: it was shut-down)

– We talk about censorship around social media and communication to do with body-image, objectifying male and female bodies

– The importance of being authentic in our daily-lives

– Tori defines what being authentic means to her






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