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Are you feeling lost, blocked and unclear of what the next step is? 

Have you been experiencing a surge of worry/anxiety around a space in your life, and feel unsure of what way to turn? Do you feel as though the same thing keeps happening to you? Do you feel like you are unable to ‘get away’ from your pain? Do you feel unsupported and misguided and in need of something to get you through. Are you noticing a bubbling up of things from your past, and unsure of what to do with it all? Do you feel ready to step into a new space in life, love, work- and don’t know how? Are you needing support on your spiritual journey?


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My Journey into Psychic Intuition

The first time I was introduced to intuitive readings was when I was at a point in my life where everything felt like it was crashing in on me. After spending most of my childhood living through eating disorders, depression and anxiety- I felt like there was no way I would ever ‘get rid of it’ and be happy. I felt as though I was doomed to always live this life of pain and discomfort. I worked with many counselors, psychologists and therapists- and they all helped me to get to a certain place in my ‘recovery’ journey. Each time, I found as though we would hit a wall. The journey inwards would come to a halt. What I started to realize is that all of this pain and destruction was an effect of my closing down and turning away from my natural sensitivity towards energy.

And then I met a medical intuitive who changed my life. Suddenly, our sessions were no longer about ‘figuring things out’ and finding the answer or the puzzle piece to the puzzle. I began to feel more supported and guided than I ever had, in my entire life. Instead of cancelling and rescheduling sessions- I would leave feeling ok and look forward (with great excitement) to the next session. The moment I sat in the room- I felt as though my walls dropped down and something powerful happened. I felt safe.


Now, 8 years later- I am SO happy to offer this service to others. Intuition has always been an important part of my life- and now it sits at the forefront of the journey. Our intuition can be our greatest ally in making decisions, reading the space around relationships and helping us find a rhythm to our lives that feels more congruent to our internal happiness. With the support of our guides, ancestors, angelic beings and ascended masters- we will work together in sessions to connect you to your heart space- align with your higher self and allow any fears, doubts and stories to gradually dissolve.


The biggest piece with intuitive readings and working with energy is that if you are here- and you are still reading, chances are there is a greater force behind you that is directing you here. Sometimes, the most terrifying step in the journey is saying “yes” and taking that first leap.

Chloe's intention is to connect you to your higher self, and support you in removing any blocks, fears, doubts/worry. She works primarily with the 4 clairs to connect to spirit and deliver you the messages of guidance, support and clarity:

  • Claircognizance

  • Clairsentience

  • Clairvoyance

  • Clairaudience

  • To know, is to know. Connected to the soul voice/spirit voice, claircognizance is quite literally an information dump into the brain. Messages come through speaking/writing and can come through as channeling. This term is ‘to know’, a divine knowing, connected to divine truth and wisdom.

  • To feel is to know. This clair is connected to the operations of the physical and energetic body. Clairsentience in the delivery of guidance and messages through the body by connecting to the energy field of the client and the surrounding energies.

  • To see is to know. Clairvoyance is receiving messages through images and visions. It can be in various ways- a photographic style or a full movie. You are seeing through the mind’s eye (third eye). Spirit sends through images that are either meaningful to Chloe in order to deliver a message in the way that she can relate to it- or meaningful to the client.

  • To hear is to know. Clairaudience is auditory messages that can be as much as hearing someone speak into the ear, to hearing sounds/songs/music.

Intuitive Session Booking Details

Each session is CAD 195 + GST

You can purchase a package of sessions at a discounted rate:

2 sessions for CAD 340 ($50 off)
5 sessions for CAD 875 ($100 off the total price)

*For group/event bookings and bespoke package rates please email Chloe at

Sessions can be done on Skype, Zoom or Facetime
*email chloe directly about in person sessions at

Payments must be made before the session to confirm your booking
Payments can be sent as email transfer to or PayPal (any fees must be made by client)

Clients must give 24 hours notice to reschedule session (any cancellations after 24 hours results in 100% charge)
No refunds

Read my blogpost on the Top 11 Questions I’m Asked Before, During & After a Psychic Reading

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