Shift into Spring with Pranin Organic

Ah, spring. Hello lover.

As of March 20th, spring is officially upon us. When I think of spring, I think of spring soups, cherry blossom trees and beautifully overcast spring days. Everyone has a bit more of a pep in their step, as nature begins to awaken from it’s winter slumber. According to Ayurveda, spring is all about an awakening. Rising from the darkness of winter, as the earth warms and our bodies gradually yearn for a new routine (hello early risers).

You see, winter is a vibration of the Kapha dosha in Ayurveda. Throughout the winter months, our bodies move slower and are drawn to eating, sleeping and staying inside. Here’s the thing: it’s important to allow time for your body to transition into spring. It’s important to not just “snap” into spring over the course of 1 day and expect our bodies (and nature) to immediately go from winter’s cold to the energy of spring. As always, when in doubt- follow the guidance of nature. Here in Vancouver, we can tend to get a little frustrated with the pace of seasonal transition- especially from winter to summer. However, when you think about it, when it comes to nature- there is always purpose. After all, nature is divinely created.

The Ayurvedic prescription for spring is to develop a rhythm and routine that helps you gradually lighten up physically, mentally, and emotionally without disturbing the stable virtues of Kapha. It’s like anything in life: to create long-term and sustainable change, you must take it step by step. Bite by bite. Create unrealistic expectations of yourself and you are setting yourself up for a painful awakening. So if you find yourself moving too fast into a new routine and not allowing yourself time to adjust, you might be appraoching a bit of a burn out. My prescription: get out into nature (even if it is rainy) and spend some time observing the characteristics of nature’s voice. What colours are you seeing? What smells are you smelling? How does your body feel, when it’s out in nature?


For me, when it comes to seasonal changes I always think about food. When I think of summer, I think of berries and cherries. Bright, beautiful summer fruits and lots of long days and fresh, raw produce. When I think of winter I think of warming soups, mushrooms, root vegetables and morning elixirs. And then we come to spring. A time of smoothies and spring greens. A time to be gentle and kind to yourself and to ease into longer and warmer days.

I usually always know when we’re merging into spring by the level of cravings that I have for fruit smoothies. By the time April shows up, I find myself not only eating smoothies (and smoothie bowls) for breakfast, but also sometimes for dinner too. The amount of frozen and fresh fruit in my kitchen builds and I start getting much more creative. I will admit though, my smoothie game hasn’t always been where it is today.


You know that feeling when you set out to make the most epic and nourishing smoothie- only to find yourself with a super green slash brown concoction that doesn’t taste exactly like bliss? Twenty dollars later, and a whole lot of superfoods that you’ve read about on MindBodyGreen, you are left with a breakfast that you are less than excited about. Where did you go wrong? What happened? How are you supposed to eat healthy and get all of these nutrients into your body, if it never ends up tasting the way that they it should? After all, it is spring and time to begin eating more raw and colourful foods. Eat the rainbow, right?

Ok, so I might be exaggerating slightly. Not every smoothie turns out bad. In fact, most smoothies are amazing. Especially when you load them up with your favourite nut butters, frozen fruit and delicious, creamy nut milk. Yum. It’s when you begin to dabble in the superfoods and greens that things can begin to get a little interesting. Lucky for me, I basically attended smoothie master school (aka, Institute of Holistic Nutrition) where I spent a year in trial and error of what works, and what doesn’t. And even then, there are times when I’m not sure what to put in my morning smoothie, and which (plant based) protein powder to use.


And then something happened. I was introduced to Pranin Organic, a local plant based superfood company here in Vancouver. I was first brought to Pranin through a friend and fellow Holistic Nutritionist, Kari Fraser (who works at Pranin and is just as obsessed as I am with talking about all things holistic nutrition). We bumped into each other at one of the health food conventions in Vancouver a few months ago and Kari offered me a free sample of their Smoothie Boosters. Here’s the thing guys- I was definitely skeptical. Over the years, I’ve definitely been introduced to a wide variety of holistic (and non-holistic) products that relate to nutrition, superfoods and the concept of grab-and-go. However, there was one big differentiating factor here- Kari. I know her, I trust her (as a Holistic Nutritionist) and I was excited to see her.

Soon enough, I was hooked and now Faris (for those of you that don’t recognise the name, my lovely husband) and I are big fans of Pranin’s Smoothie Boosters and truly enjoy them on the daily. I’m a big fan of the trio bundle- so that I can truly cater to what I am craving and what I think my body needs. Lately I’ve been semi-obsessed with morning spin classes at Eastwood Sanctuary, and it’s been so epic to get home and quickly make a delicious and nourishing smoothie (or smoothie bowl) that not only tastes good, has an amazing texture but I also know that it is made from full-spectrum whole foods and is filled with nutrition. It’s a win.

Also, this past week I was hit with major full-moon (in Libra) menstrual situation that left me in bed with little to no energy. Enter: Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster. I paired it with 1 frozen banana, a splash of almond mylk and water (yup, that simple) and drank it in bed while watching My Girl 2 (yup, I couldn’t lie about my Netflix choice). Happy (and delicious) feelings aside, my body certainly loved the natural, whole food source of iron and magnesium. That’s the thing for me, I will know as soon as I am out of alignment when it comes to self-care and my self-love practices and I love having resources that I can immediately turn to that will help shift me back into balance quickly. Sometimes, it’s important to offer yourself some space and time to remember what it is that matters and connect with your body: to ask it what it needs to feel supported. Even though highly processed chocolate might seem like an ideal choice in those times- when you compare it with real food- there is no comparison. When I think about a self-care ritual, it’s not only about what I eat, but also my thoughts around what I am eating, where it has come from, how it was produced, it’s vibrational energy and how it will impact my body. And when you feel good about what you are eating and it isn’t over-complicated- you will most likely find yourself coming back for more.

That’s the thing about nutrition for me. I have always been much more drawn to whole food nutrition, than supplementation. If I can get my nutrition from whole plant foods- then I will always choose that first. And the Smoothie Booster packets each come with over 1/2 kilogram of produce per packet providing a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. Good in my books.

You may recognise Pranin Organic from my Instagram as of late- well, surprise! I am now an Ambassador/Expert for the Vancouver brand and really excited to be working with them and their products. As with everything that I do here at Chloe’s Countertop- it’s all about vulnerability, truth, transparency and integrity. So you can be confident in knowing that when I choose to work with and align with a brand, it stands by those values too.

If you would like to grab yourself some Smoothie Boosters, head to Pranin Organic¬†and you can use my CODE ‘CHLOESCOUNTERTOP’ to recieve 10% OFF any online purchase. Hint: if you haven’t already figured it out- I’m a BIG fan of the Smoothie Boosters.

Head to Pranin Organic to find some delicious smoothie recipes!



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