Top 11 Questions Asked in a Psychic Reading

One of the most incredible and interesting ways to connect to spirit and the wisdom of the universe is through doing readings for other people. Through this work I have come to realise how we are all intuitive. Every single one of us. There is not one human on this planet who isn’t intuitive, and whether or not you know it- you are receiving and interpreting energy every single day (throughout the day). Anytime I read a spiritual book, I come across the same statement- that consciousness is shifting and that very slowly, we are waking up.

What are we waking up to?

We are waking up to the truth of who we are. We are spiritual beings living a physical human experience. So once you come to realize this, it becomes really important to understand who you are and who you are not. Just like there are doctors to support the physical body and therapists and psychiatrists to support the emotional body- there is a great need to have support in place for your spiritual body. Given that you are a spiritual being- this is actually fundamental.

I always find that weeks where my schedule is booked up with readings with new people, I am able to connect even deeper with spirit and have the pleasure of witnessing the miracles of the world and universal themes in terms of lessons, teachings and the energy that is present for us to experience. I have found that the less time that I have to be in my humanness or interact with my human mind, the more open I am to receiving the energy that is present and the messages that are coming through from spirit to support the people I work with.

One of the most common thoughts I hear back from new clients is how shocked they are by how easy and in flow a session is.

There is a very powerful element of being held and supported that comes through in my psychic readings. I believe that each of us come into this world equipped with very unique and specific qualities to support us in our life’s work. I have always had the ability to hold others in unconditional love and love them while also delivering intense messages with clarity, strength and an essence of fire. My intention for a client in a reading is that they leave feeling unblocked, clear, loved, and ready to step forward in the mission they are feeling called towards (whatever that might be, no mission is too big or too small). Part of this is about revealing underlying fears and clearing doubt, anxiety and worry that is holding someone stuck or lost.

I always feel that the people that do show up for readings are exactly who are meant to, with me, and that we all circulate in different vibrations of universal wisdom. If you are showing up on the other side of a reading with me, it’s because there is something that I can tune into or receive and communicate to you that you need to hear, and most importantly, communicated in the vibration that your being is ready to hear it at.

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Amazing. When it comes to psychic readings, there is always an underlying fear of what is going to be said or what might happen. This is a valid fear to have, especially if this is the first time you are stepping into this energy. A lot of the fear is the subconscious knowing that you will be stepping into the known and will look into areas of darkness that you might have spent a large part of your life avoiding. Also, there is an element of intensity that comes through in a reading where the question comes through, “are you ready to hear the truth?”

If you are on the fence, or trying to “figure out what the right choice is” and “whether it is worth the investment”, keep reading to find out the top 10 questions that I get asked about psychic readings both before, during and after a reading with me.


#1 Who / What energy do you connect to? Who’s ‘they’?

Before beginning every session, I spend some time tuning into the client’s energy and connecting with their guides/spiritual tribe. I don’t work specifically with one set of beings, I call on your ancestors, arch angels, spirit guides and spirts of the highest realm to show up to support you on your journey. Also, I am always working with my spirit tribe (ancestors, guides, light beings), connecting with them to deliver me the messages to support you (in the way that I understand and receive).

During this ritual I also perform an energy transmission to begin your healing and support your physical and energy body so that you can feel more open and safe during the session. I see all beings connected and of the same divine source- and each person that shows up has their individual tribe. Some clients will bring forth more angelic beings while others are more connected to their guides. How the session goes all depends on you and your energy/spirit. ‘They’ represents the group of spiritual beings that show up to support you and is unique to you.


#2 Do I need to have questions to ask / Do I need to prepare questions ahead of time?

The first response is no. You do not need to do anything or prepare anything in order to show up to the session and also to get the most out of it. Showing up as you are is a part of the journey of surrendering to being. I believe that you will feel the guidance to connect and book a session when you are ready- there is no preparation needed in soul work. That being said, if you do have specific questions or topics that you would like to discuss or gain clarity around- I encourage you to write them down so that you can bring up them and not worry about remembering them or pulling away from your presence in the session.

#3 Who leads the psychic reading?

The way that I work, I surrender my personality at the energetic doors to the session and show up as the channel to your healing. So, this means that sessions are led by the divine- as I leave any ideas of what I know behind and allow myself to flow with where I am directed. I encourage you to step into allowing yourself to be supported and held as we take you on a journey into the depths of your being. Clients are always surprised by what shows up and how the flow of the session jumps around to many places and ties it all together in the end- it’s always very exciting and interesting to witness what shows up and how incredibly supported we are when we step into allowing. Areas of exploration can involve the past, present or future (including past-lives), but it is all showing up to support you in the present. Nothing will show up that doesn’t connect to the intention of healing and connecting you to your higher self, so that you leave feeling empowered and inspired to step forward in your journey.


#4 Is the reading recorded/do I need to take notes?

I don’t record the readings unless asked to (happy to). Clients are welcome to record in anyway. Everyone works and receives energy differently so I encourage you to follow your guidance around what feels best to support you in your growth. Some clients enjoy writing things down where as others prefer to just be there and take in everything that shows up. Something that I always say and very much believe in is that recording sessions isn’t necessary because being in the present moment means taking it all in and then trusting that the healing/growth will happen on a deep cellular level. We don’t need to remember in order to heal. We just need to surrender and trust in the higher power of the divine. Sometimes when we get caught up in trying to remember or go back into a session from the past, we can build an energy that is old and doesn’t need to be reacquainted.


#5 Do you tell the future? Do you go into past, present & future? Dates? Mediumship?

Each session is different and is very much directed by the divine to support you in the present moment. Sometimes details around past-lives or future events will show up, but it will never show up as a way to build your fear. That being said, I trust everything that I receive and never hold back something that I (my personality) doesn’t want to share. My intention is always to hold you in the energy of your higher self and unconditional love- and in that space, there is an ease and flow of delivering and receiving energy and information that is in support of your souls expansion. You will not ever feel caught off guard or left in the dark to deal with something I offer you. You will always leave a session feeling held, supported and loved.
Yes, sometimes specific dates and details are brought through and I will share them (for instance, “it feels that you might leave your current job in 3 months max”, or “you are being guided to release this program mid-August).
I do include mediumship (connecting you with loved ones who have passed) when it comes through. I do not specifically focus on mediumship, but I welcome it when it comes through. Ancestors/loved ones will usually show up through clairvoyance and clairsentience and will offer unique descriptions/memories that will allow you to connect to their presence and receive the message. Again, they will show up when it is alignment with the support you are needing to continue on your path of divine purpose.

#6 Do you use tools/tarot in readings?

I love different spiritual tools and enjoy working with crystals, cards (tarot, oracle), astrology, oils and runes. That being said, there isn’t one way that I do a reading. Before each client, I connect to your space and open to receiving guidance on what you will need as support that is unique to your journey. Sometimes so many messages come through and there is no need for tools. Sometimes, I bring a gathering of tools that are chosen specifically for you. I might pull some cards during the session for extra clarity, depending on how the energy is showing up. Also, I might bring some tools forward to share with you as tips of what to bring into your rituals and practices to continue the work after our session.

“I have had many readings with different readers and none have quiet been like Chloe. Chloe uses no tools when reading for you so it feels like a natural conversation with a friend that knows things you’ve never told them.” Liz (past client)


#7 Is there a difference between spirit, universe, angels, god, the divine or spirit guides?

So the larger answer here is no. Just as we are all connected and from the same source- spiritual beings are the same. That being said, beings will show up in different expressions based on what you understand or identify. So some people might resonate and connect to arch angels and so the energy that we understand as an arch angel is what will come forth. This is similar with spirit guides- they will show up in characteristics that you identify with uniquely to you. Just like you, as a human being, have a personality and physical qualities- but the expression of your soul doesn’t have these same differentiating qualities. Whenever we go into the differentiating or hierarchal expression of spiritual beings- you can see that it is a way that the human mind understands something that doesn’t live in the same expression in the spirit world. The main message is to follow what feels good and go with what resonates with you- there is no wrong interpretation and when working with energy a lot of it comes down to trusting your instincts and intuition, in order to strengthen that connection.

#8 Is 1 reading enough?

This question is of course unique to each person. Some clients will buy a package and spread the sessions out over 1-2 years where as some clients will come in and do a reading every month for 3-6 months. Some people will pop in for 1 session and then come back a year later. Some people have done just 1 reading. We are each on our own unique journey and there are various levels of connection that people are looking for. The best answer here is to trust your first instinct and try to not make it about money/finances. When it comes to expansion and growth, our mind will find something to fixate on to stay where you are and a lot of the time that ‘thing’ that you fixate on is money. Also, I highly recommend keeping this decision to yourself and not bringing in others to make choices. Trust your guidance! If this is something you have a difficult time with- a reading will be very beneficial.

#9 Why do I feel scared to do a reading? Why do I feel resistant?


Feeling scared or resistant before booking a reading or even after booking it is VERY normal. A lot of the time we receive guidance to do something that involves our expansion/growth but then when it comes down to actually doing it our fear mind gets triggered and starts to sound the alarm. Be wary of this and know that your fear mind is just showing up to do what it believes it’s job is. A common thing people will say during sessions (especially new clients) is that they were very scared right before (even 1 hour before) but then once we start and begin, they feel very safe and calm. The nerves and fear are just about you stepping into change and your mind knowing that shift is coming. Trust the guidance, trust the growth- if you are reading this, chances are- somewhere within your soul knows it’s time and this is the path forward.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought of a million excuses that I could use the hour before to cancel. I was in all honesty, terrified. As soon as I sat down with Chloe, It only took a minute for the tears to flow. A minute. Uncontrollable tears. A hyperventilating feeling. It was as if she was pulling all of the pain out of me, off my shoulders, and injecting an ocean of love back into me.” Izabela (past client)


#10 What is the set up of a reading? In person/skype/voice

I do most sessions virtually (skype/zoom/facetime). I have found that it is really powerful for clients to do the sessions from the comfort of their space/home. Also, I am able to offer an energetic transmission in your space too, which helps with creating that space of love/support.

That being said, if you are really eager to do it in person and we are in the same city, then I am happy to accommodate that. Just let me know in the notes when you book the session. Each session is 1 hour long and all you need to have is a quiet/private space, internet, headphones (if you need them) and skype/facetime/zoom. Please send your details before the session and payment is required before the session to confirm your booking. Sessions can be done with or without video.

#11 What do people take away from a reading? How does doing a reading impact you? Why do a reading?


To a certain extent, this is a very subjective answer. I would say that the collective experience of these sessions of an overwhelming sense of peace, grounding, safety and love. No matter where you are on your journey- you will leave these sessions feeling connected to your intuition and a renewed sense of confidence and excitement about where you are on your journey. You will feel open to welcome what’s to come and empowered with a lot of different tools and practices (unique to you) that will support you in whatever shift is showing up for you to embrace.


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