Vegan Brunch at Virtuous Pie

Hey Vancouver!

That’s right? Virtuous Pie is back on the blog and this time, it’s all for their AMAZING new brunch menu that launched on May 6th 2017! We all know how big of a fan I am of VP, right? Basically, if you take a scroll through my Instagram or check out my previous Restaurant Stories, you’ll see that VP holds a special place in my heart since day 1. I’ll never forget the first moment I caught site of them on Lauren Toyota’s vlog when her and John found them in Portland at the Vegan Beer & Food Festival (hey VP- when is the Cavaletto dropping?). When I heard that they were opening in Vancouver I basically made it my life’s mission to find out who they were and when they were opening. Fast forward a few months and I found myself being invited to their media opening party, where I devoured all of the food with the help of some of my favourite vegan foodies, Emma of Zimt and Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life. Since then, our relationship (VP & me) has continued to blossom, speaking at the launch night of the seasonal vitruvi & VP ice cream flavour, bringing out-of-town friends there and basically ordering it through doordash every week. Yup, it’s a serious relationship that we have here.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that they were launching a brunch menu. In fact, Chef Matt Blandy even hinted at me a few weeks’ prior that something big might be coming soon. Of course, he didn’t mention what… luckily my intuition tuned in ever so slightly to something exciting. Enter brunch!

Their whole idea behind the brunch is to continue to expand the menu and play with the creativity that has offered VP it’s reputation in the city. In fact, it was only a few weeks ago that VP was awarded the Most Creative Restaurant of the year at the BC Restaurant Hall of Fame awards. Big deal. With their big opening in Portland coming soon, you might wonder how they have had the time to continue creating new recipes and rolling them out so successfully. If you ask me, it’s the amazing team. Since meeting them, they have continued to be so kind, generous and accommodating no matter what the request. In fact (sending love to Lia, Jim, Thomas and Matthew), it was just a few weeks ago where they set up a private Bridal lunch for my bff Mel- completed with champagne and flowers to surprise her (plus a reserved table for 8 which is you have been to VP during a Sunday lunch rush, you know it’s a big deal).

Ok, so I think it’s time to get to the food, wouldn’t you say? After browsing through some of the most recent instagram hashtags and checking out my girl Steph Yu’s recent vlog visit on youtube, I decided we couldn’t miss the:

EAT YOUR TATERS Breakfast Pizza

San marzano pizza sauce, black beans, tater tots, tofu scramble, maple breakfast sausage, chipotle aioli, scallion

AKA “EGGS BENNY” Breakfast Pizza

Herbed potato cream, tofu scramble, arugula, oven dried tomatoes, asparagus, cashew cream hollandaise, chives

N.W.A Breakfast Calzone

Chocolate hazelnut, cinnamon banana filling, fresh fruit, shaved chocolate, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup

And because it’s brunch, and a long weekend, we decided to go for the:

Vegan Caeser and Mimosa Cocktails

Vegan Caeser: housemade caeser mix, odd society east van vodka, horseradish, salted rim, pickle garnish

Mimosa: summerhill organic sparkling wine, fresh squeezed orange juice

What else is on the menu? If we could’ve fit it all in our bellies, we would’ve. There’s always next time right? The brunch menu also features:

The Basic B (smoothie bowl)

Pacific Lox Bowl (breakfast bowl)

Dos Amigos (breakfast tacos)

Mim Bucha (kombucha sparkling wine cocktail)

Coconut water

Elysian drip coffee

Sides: tater tots, hollondaise, maple breakfast sausage, tofu scramble

*check out the menu here

Ok, enough talking.

It’s time to drool…


Our favourites? We absolutely LOVED the breakfast calzone (AK devoured it, seriously) and the Eat your Taters breakfast pizza. And that is just choosing favourites. We can say with confidence that it is all epic. Also, the drinks are delicious and perfectly boozy (right on point for weekend brunch time). The icing on top is that elysian coffee is offered along with their house made coconut and almond milk. What? I know right… I might be back tomorrow tbh. See you there?

The Virtuous Pie Brunch will be offered every Saturday and Sunday until June 11th from 11am-2pm and this long weekend it will be open from 10am-2pm and on Monday! Get it while you can! Don’t mess up and miss you #youllregretit

Ps. Stay tuned, Virtuous Pie will be opening their new restaurant in Portland in June!!

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